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1988 RCA Dimensia TV


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I have quite a few DVDs and Blu-Rays, and some obscure movies on laserdisc and VHS that don't have modern releases or for nostalgic reasons.  I'm a firm believer in owning the medium so I can always have a copy.  None of this online rubbish.  Too many times people have "bought" their music or movies from an online company, only to lose it all when they decide to shut down a server.

I'm looking at you Microsoft and ESPN.

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My LD copy of Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie! had a better picture quality than my DVD (which, let's face it, was probably just a LD master transfer to DVD anyway).

Did that ever get a BR release?

I thoroughly enjoy watching RedLetterMedia's Best of the Worst.
I've been following them since ~2011(?) or so, and they're pretty great. I love how many zero-Fs they give. It also seems that their recent Culkin feature frenzy is genuine. It was nice to see Patton again, too. y favs are with Jim and Colin though. Only thing that peeves me is that their channel's playlists are in reverse chronological order, so I have to resort to industrious youtubers who put true chrono playlists of their stuff together. Some of the magic is lost now because of that Halloween episode a couple years back where you see them genuinely completely, almost incapacitated-drunk, and the fake drunk shows through a bit more. Still funny though.



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I have lots of Laserdiscs, but that's mostly because they're relatively scarce around here so I just buy up every one I see.