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16mb Simm question (SE/30)


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I ordered 4 x 16mb OWC Simms for Bank A of an SE/30. They are being shipped Monday).

I think I just read (can't find the thread) that loading Bank A with 64mb (4x16) and leaving Bank B empty will result in a Simsamac?

It seemed to say that in the case of 16mb simms specifically, Bank B also needed to be filled with matching simms but not necessarily 16mb.

Does anyone have knowledge of this?

If this is correct, would 4 x 16mb in Bank A along with the original 4 x 256k in Bank B theoretically work?

Just wanted to see if I needed to change my macsales order before it ships out Monday.

Thanks for any help.


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I have 4 x16 MB OWC SIMMs in Bank A and empty Bank A in my SE/30 with a MacROMINATOR II ROM in the ROM SIMM. Works fine. Have not tested it with the original ROM.