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16 color and 8 bit sound in PPC 7.1.2?

Does anyone know if System 7.1.2 on a Power Mac supports 16 colors and 8-bit sound?

I have a few games I can't play because I need to get down to those specs, and my machines only go down to 7.5. Trying to find out if I can run them on a NuBus Power Mac, or if I need to get a 68k machine (which are a lot more expensive to buy these days).


- Spaceship Warlock seems to require sound no more than 8-bit
- RoboSport can't run at more than 16 colors



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The NuBus PowerMacs have the same sound system as the PCI machines, so if the game requires 8-bit you need 68k.
I just fired up my PM 6100 and verified:
In MacOS 8.6, I was able to set the colors to 16 colors or even to black and white. The sound control panel for output lets me set the sample rate, but does not offer a selection of 8 vs. 16 bit
In MacOS 7.1.2, color selection is also available. The sound control panel does have a selection for 8 bit, but this option is greyed out.