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128K with -A ROMs and OA-D34V-22 floppy


The prevailing wisdom seems to be that the Mac 128K with 64K -A ROMs (342-0220-A and 342-0221-A) cannot be used with the 400K OA-D34V-22 floppy drive. For example:

However, I don't believe this is correct as can be seen here (apologies for the strobing video, the camera on my phone does not like the Mac video refresh rate):

What I have found is that my D34V-22 seems to be very sensitive to electrical noise. It's not possible to run it successfully without the caddie, which makes sorting out issues more challenging. However, once it's wrapped in its aluminium blanket it seems to be willing to play ball with the -A ROMs in my 128K, and System 2.0 appears to boot reliably.
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