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    Index of CAD Models

    This is a G3 Desktop drive caddy, or "Apple Power Macintosh 3.5" Hard Disk Drive Sled" part number 815-1688. Works on my machine. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5855447
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    QuickTake 150 on Macintosh SE

    I've tried. Oh man I've tried. Making a PC serial cable didn't work, and using a new MiniDIN-8 cable between the Quicktake and a Quadra didn't work. Emulators don't work, and a vintage USB->Serial adapter and a G3 iBook didn't work. Your best bet is an old mac. You could try the SE, see if it...
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    QuickTake 150 on Macintosh SE

    Awesome. So I don't _think_ that's an SE FDHD, and you don't have a hard drive, so you won't even be able to install the software. So you might be out of luck with your SE. Any other *newer* mac should work, up until OS 7.6. All you'll need to do is install the software. Powerbooks work, but so...
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    Problem with an Asante NetDock (the Duo Ethernet microdock)

    I'm going to begin by putting this into a 'known good' situation. I have a Duo 2300c, System 7.5.3, Open Transport, with a Duo MiniDock and Asante Micro EN/SC. This works. I can open up Fetch, point it to my FTP server, and everything's great. However, if I turn the machine off and plug the...
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    Share your Apple Quicktake 100/150/200 Photos here!

    It's actually not much, and the important part (the metal part that holds the nikon lens) can't be 3D printed. You basically have to take apart a Nikon mount. Other than that, it's just taking the camera apart and putting it back together in a totally different way. Here's a graphic that shows...
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    Share your Apple Quicktake 100/150/200 Photos here!

    Okay, this is amazing. Feel free to experiment with any of my images. In the meantime, this is what I'm working on. It's modifying a QT150 for Nikon lenses. The crop factor is about 6x compared to what this lens is usually attached to, so there are going to be some _really long_ shots I'm...
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    Making modern iMac G3 I/O Doors

    It doesn't look good.... So this is a very difficult part to print, at least on a 3D printer. The orientation of those clasps doubles over on itself, meaning there's really only one way to print the entire thing -- on it's side. That's if you're using a filament printer. Resin would probably...
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    Iomega ZIP drive 3d model for printing

    Hep, this loaded okay in Fusion360, but it's not what you're looking for: You're basically just looking at a 3D model of a Zip drive, and not the actual CAD data of what the plastic in a Zip drive _is_. Here's the inside, made by splitting the main body down the middle: See, there's...
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    Share your Apple Quicktake 100/150/200 Photos here!

    Oh, sick, here's my 'gram: https://www.instagram.com/640by480/
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    PowerBook 1xx Wireless Modem

    You can put me down for about ten of these.
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    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh SE PCB & Custom Chips for 1:1 reproduction

    If you want to get a look at the inside layers of a PCB, you *can* use a small CNC mill with a small step size. This is probably the best example of that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iV4LJX1HdPk However, there's a significant drawback going the CNC route if you don't have it perfectly...
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    BGE's take on the Quadra 900/950 ATX PSU Mod

    Right, so awesome project, and I have two Q950s that will eventually need a power supply. I don't really need one of these now, but I really have to say you should put this up on GitHub, with the KiCAD file, Gerbers, all the BOM, and maybe a few pictures and assembly instructions. Also link to...
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    WYSE term. emulation?

    Does any newton program have this? I'd really like to term into my work server, but the guys in the upper echelon many years ago decided to use the WYSE standard for terminal. I don't know why.
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    Programming: How hard would this be?

    My friend is a band, and for on-stage visuals, I've made him a (trashed) compact mac turned into a . He's not happy with it, So I've decided to get a Classic II, hook up the audio out from his mixing board to the audio in, and write an oscilloscope program. How hard would this be? I've obtained...
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    Help getting Toast to burn

    Really helps if you RTFM, Needed Thread manager and Drag & Drop support... did a fresh install of 7.6.1, got an update of Toast off of the Pirate Bay, and now I'm burning. Huzzah!