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    Scored a beat up Quadra 950

    Great find, big oof at that PSU and the battery. Seems like a fighter to work after all that trouble. I've remade the floppy cable for my 900, and it's a easy upgrade from the janky original ones. Let me know if you ever plan to sell a drive caddy, since I'm looking for one to add a second unit...
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    Best SCSI disks to use on Quadra 900?

    Hi Guys, it's your boy Valito here. After some fiddling with the boot disks on my Quadra, I've come to the conclusion that my Seagate drive has died efectively; probably can be recovered, you know those old bastards never die, but I'm without a working computer atm. Unfortunately, due to...
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    Quadra 900 refusing to boot normally

    Little update, I've made a working boot floppy with the Win2k machine, with a disk image tool of some sort I can't recall now, but it booted up, but on the disk repair/format stage I've come to a dead SCSI drive. I'll scout my local marketplace for a replacement since solid state adapters are a...
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    Floppy compatibility for Quadra 900

    Little update, it worked with a Performa manual inject drive, also ejects it. With a folded paper as a shim, the height inside the case makes it usable, and if I use my pinky the floppy will inject. Now I've come to face another problem, wich is a dead drive. So I'll scout my local marketplace...
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    Quadra 900 refusing to boot normally

    Well, after a couple boots and restarts, it damaged the hard drive itself. Now I have a non-booting machine and the Disk Tools Floppy I made on my win2k machine won't boot it either. Any leads on what I can do? The only working computer with a floppy drive is this one.
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    Quadra 900 refusing to boot normally

    I'll get rid of the supermac ones, since the card is no longer installed. About a fresh install, I'm tempted, but I don't think I have enough fresh floppies to make the installer.
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    Quadra 900 refusing to boot normally

    Hi y'all, it's your boy valito here. About a week ago I finally got hold of a new floppy drive for my Quadra 900 since the original one refused to read/write anything. So far so good, everything works as intended, and I finally got to install a couple apps on it. But since, it refuses to boot up...
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    Local network on Quadra 900

    So the serial modem port only serves the purpose of connecting to the internet right?
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    Local network on Quadra 900

    Hi y'all, i've been tinkering with my Quadra 900 and I've wanted to transfer files from and to it, and since my floppy drive is dead, I've thought of the serial null modem route. I'm really new to all the AppleTalk and LocalTalk stuff, but so far this is what I've done: -Did a null modem cable...
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    Homebrew Mac case replacements

    I'll advice against this, unless you have minimal knowledge of CAD software, design, and access to CNC laser metal routers and metal sheet presses. Because at least the structural part of the case is metal sheets folded and cut to dimension. 3D print is out of the question, unless you want...
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    SSHeven: a modern SSH client for Mac OS 7/8/9

    Wow nice! I'll make sure to download it to my quadra as soon as i manage to get a working floppy drive
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    Another Quadra 900/950 CD-Bezel (Caddy Style!)

    Nice mod! I have a question regarding the caddy cd drive. You open the caddy, place your cd and inside it goes? Or do you have to get cds "caddied" from factory? Also, any reason to recap the floppy drive? Mine's dead and I wonder if recap is a must like on older motherboards; that's mostly for...
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    Quadra 950 or WGS 9150 PSU pinout.

    Nice to know those are the jumper pins for testing. Luckly my Quadra 900 is well and alive, but comes the day when I have to replace the psu I know where to look, thanks mate!
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    Macintosh PowerBook DVD-Video PC Card?

    Well colour me surprised, I haven't seen that one before. If it works for G3s, I'll just assume it will do just fine on G4s, since even you can upgrade some G3 CPUs to the later. But as I said, the AltiVec is a PowerPC cpu instruction, so it works separatedly from the Radeons, wich only serve me...
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    Macintosh PowerBook DVD-Video PC Card?

    Are there any hardware acceleration PC Cards available that I haven't heard of? All G4 PB came with a Radeon, and CorePlayer was optimized to use the AltiVec instructions, so I don't think there's a point into that. I'll go to the software route first.