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    PowerBook 3400c Repair Stories

    Two and a half years later, I pulled out my old 3400c and I STILL have a white screen. I get a chime and the screen comes on, but it stays at that white screen no matter what I do. HALP.
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    3400c booting issue

    Should I try recapping it?
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    Zip drive for Powerbook

    I was there in 2018. I think there are multiple locations and it slips my mind as to which one I was at. (Edit: After looking at pics of the building, I was at the Tukwila location). At the time I wasn't looking for one, though. Hopefully someone here with a spare will be willing to sell it to me.
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    Zip drive for Powerbook

    Yep, that's it. These things are hard to come by. If anyone reading this has one, shoot me a PM :)
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    Zip drive for Powerbook

    Willing to part with it? ;)
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    Zip drive for Powerbook

    As far as I know, Apple never released an official Zip drive for the Powerbook (I'm using a 3400c). The laptop's documentation says that it can accept 3rd party Zip drives though. I took a look on Ebay and I've only seen these 'VST' brand Zip drives, but they appear to be made for a G3 laptop...
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    3400c booting issue

    I get a chime, yeah. I've tried every trick you mentioned but I still get a frozen white screen, sometimes with a cursor, mostly without. Not sure what in the world is going on. I didn't see any corrosion either. Maybe I need to take a much closer look...
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    3400c booting issue

    I bought a 3400c and it's giving issues. When it boots, it won't get past a frozen white screen. Sometimes I see the cursor, sometimes I don't. I replaced the battery in it but that didn't help. I really have no idea what to do to diagnose it. Any thoughts on how to fix this up?
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    Audio Dictionary

    I've been on the hunt for an audio dictionary (or in other words a dictionary with pronunciation examples). I found one on the Garden, the Collin's dictionary, and while it's a real gem, I have one problem with it: the audio is British English. If that were ever released in American English...
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    Email on 7.6.1

    I got email working on os8.6 using classilla but in netscape 4.8 on 7.6.1 it doesn't work. How are you using email on system 7? I happen to have a Synology nas that could help with this problem.
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    Onscreen Keyboard

    There was once some software called Keystrokes that did exactly what I needed it to do but they don’t sell it anymore. I emailed the company asking if they could sell me a license but they just plain don’t deal with it anymore and consider it abandonware. I’ve looked everywhere and there doesn’t...
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    PDF files looking horrid

    On my OS8 machine I have Acrobat 5. There’s a setting in there called ‘smooth line art’ that makes vector graphics (like sheet music pdf files) look MUCH better. On my System 7 machine I have Acrobat 4, and unless I’m mistaken there is no smooth line art setting, so things look godawful in terms...
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    Desktop printer icon moving to desktop

    Is there a way to get the desktop printer icon to stop being moved to the desktop upon startup? I store mine in a folder on my system drive, but when I boot into 7.6.1 , the icon in that folder has an X through it and a new, fresh one on the desktop is created. This doesn’t happen in OS8, only...
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    OS7.6.1 vs 7.5.5 for 9600

    I have a 9600. After some investigation, I read that 7.6 isn’t compatible with a bunch of PowerMacs including the 9600, but 7.6.1 is. Not sure why. So it got me thinking about the earliest OS a 9600 can run, 7.5. From what I’ve seen, people have said 7.6.1 is better for PowerMacs compared to...
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    Numlock & alt let codes for symbols

    I just realized that when I try to turn on the scroll lock and numlock keys on my Apple extended ii keyboard that the little green lights won’t light up. I was trying to turn on numlock so I could type some symbols using the alt/opt key and the numeric keypad on the right. Not working. What gives?