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    Easiest to obtain Mac Plus CPU upgrade

    Thank you, appreciate the tips!
  2. Stephen

    Easiest to obtain Mac Plus CPU upgrade

    Thanks, appreciate the suggestion. I know there's a few options but I was hoping someone could suggest something that's actually obtainable — they seem hard to find on eBay.
  3. Stephen

    Easiest to obtain Mac Plus CPU upgrade

    I'm interested in purchasing a Mac Plus CPU upgrade but I understand they're not particularly common. Can anyone suggest an upgrade? Ideally it's '030 but I guess that's not a hard requirement. I'm also open to buying one from within the community.
  4. Stephen

    Ah, I just saw your video on Marc's YouTube — very nice!

    Ah, I just saw your video on Marc's YouTube — very nice!
  5. Stephen

    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh Plus PCB

    Here's a screenshot of a walk through I posted elsewhere.
  6. Stephen

    Will this SCSI terminator work plugged into the logic board?

    Yea, should only be a matter of soldering them on the “bottom” (opposite side” in the correct orientation.
  7. Stephen

    Will this SCSI terminator work plugged into the logic board?

    Here's a PCB Here's a PCB design.
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    Modern G4 Cube PSU replacement?

    The new Apple USB-C power bricks for the M1 Max / Pro laptops are 28v @ 140w. This is more than enough to run a G4 cube (which is not using an ADC monitor). Older USB-C adapters may be sufficient in some circumstances but I don't believe they have sufficient wattage / headroom for spikes. The...
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    Mac Plus and HD20

    Interesting reference, I hadn't see this before. I wonder if it has any merit?
  10. Stephen

    Mac Plus internal SCSI: noninvasive edition

    I’m happy you were able to make progress - frankly, the Cloney Clip has many barriers to entry and failure points. With the 3D printing, pogo pins, and finicky cabling its an accomplishment. There’s a simpler iteration I’m exploring but it’s more “one time use”.
  11. Stephen

    revive a macintosh 512k

    I haven't had any timing issues with RGBtoHDMI, but to be fair I've only tested on the 128k, 512k, Compact Mac, and "dabbled" with the SE. It's just too bad it's not easier to buy the RGBtoHDMI premade or they would be a massive hit.
  12. Stephen

    revive a macintosh 512k

    Check out RGBtoHDMI.
  13. Stephen

    Weller WE 1010NA Backlight Mod (Open Source)

    I have no clue if this is helpful to anyone here, but I made a backlight mod for the Weller WE 1010NA. I have a few boards for sale ($10 + shipping) but the project itself is open source and designed so you can order them pre-assembled from JLCPCB. The goal of the project was primarily to show...
  14. Stephen

    ROMinator Update

    I've made a few small updates to the original ROM-inator project by Big Mess O' Wires. Anyone interested can find the details in my GitHub repo — if you enjoy this project please leave a star, it's the closest I can get internet karma 😅 Please remember, the original ROM-inator is deprecated and...
  15. Stephen

    Open Source 68-Pin 512kb VRAM

    Appreciate it! Do you have more information I can refer to? Could be interesting. I believe the 512k is backward compatible with 256k; only the first half of the memory gets mapped. Admittedly, I don't know for certain.