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    does anyone make a atx to MDD converter

    Here's some from the atxg4 site: http://atxg4.com/mdd.html If I ever do this, I'll jig it up and heat shrink for tidiness (and because I'm OCD, likely wire in a voltage up converter to get a proper 28V feed).
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    Latest acquisition - G4 MDD FW800 (1Ghz)

    Seems like only recently I acquired a G5 dual 2.3Ghz. As fun as that has been to get running with an SSD and upgrade to 16GB RAM and an x1900GT, I really wanted a machine capable of booting OS9 natively. So was lucky enough to pick up a G4 MDD (1Ghz single core) with 2GB of RAM, a 120GB...
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    Latest aquisition - G5 Dual Core (2.3)

    Update: the x1900 arrived and successfully flashed - although I had to dig out an old Win XP era machine running BIOS rather than UEFI to get the atiflash program to work. Runs great, but the fans spin full speed all the time, so I'll probably wire in a controller at some stage. Fiddled with a...
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    does anyone make a atx to MDD converter

    Bit late to the party - but yes, someone is! https://www.ebay.com/itm/143542889309?hash=item216bd2ab5d:g:GQIAAOSwXMZejMBU
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    Latest aquisition - G5 Dual Core (2.3)

    Ordered 16GB (8x2GB sticks) of DDR2-533 RAM from ebay, which arrived promptly. Put it in, and unfortunately it looks as though a pair of the RAM slots is bad, as 'only' 12GB registers. I've had my suspicions of this as the existing sticks of RAM I had (4 X 1GB) also didn't all show up when in...
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    Latest aquisition - G5 Dual Core (2.3)

    Picked up a G5 Dual Core 2.3Ghz Powermac at auction for $30 NZD (that's around $20 of your American dollars): https://everymac.com/systems/apple/powermac_g5/specs/powermac_g5_dual_2.3.html I wasn't expecting to win it, but felt bad that the starting bid was only $20 with a few minutes to run on...
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    Modern PSU for the SE/30

    Loooong time no post, but just to add my thanks for the instructions on this thread and JDW's youtube video. Had my brother come and stay and so the ol' Mac SE/30 got fired up for some retro games .... she mostly worked, but often nothing at all would happen when the power switch was flicked...
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    Given two SE's and other good stuff

    One of my work colleagues is retiring soon and very kindly gave me his old work/lab Macs as we had got to talking and he wanted them to come to a good new home :) All of the pieces are in great working condition, and have been in use for much of the time since they were new, as far as I can...
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    SE/30 and system 6.0.8 - a couple of questions

    Couple of quick questions / errors on my SE/30 running Sytem 6.0.8. 1) Is there anyway to get Macintalk working on this machine? I really want to play Capn' Magneto and Strategic Conquest, both of which need Macintalk to sound their best. I understand the SE/30 used a different sound hardware...
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    1400c - mouse button not working & new PRAM battery

    As per the topic title, I fired up my Powerbook 1400c for the first time in a few months and discovered that the mouse button now longer wanted to work. Trackpad works fine though. As per the Apple service manual for the 1400, I tried resetting the PMU/PRAM, to no effect. So I've stripped it...
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    1400c - took a punt.

    I took a chance on a Powerbook 1400c at a local auction website. It was pretty much "as is, where is" and wasn't booting because the (replacement 20GB) hard drive had been wiped. No indication as to the CPU speed or amount of RAM. It also had a small crack on one of the hinge covers. No biggie...
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    PRAM Battery For Ti powerbook - alternatives?

    I need a new PRAM battery for my 867MHz Ti Powerbook (model A1025). I just wanted the battery, which is a fairly easy swap on the PRAM unit with a bit of soldering, so I ordered on from here: http://www.smallbattery.company.org.uk/sbc_lir3032-vdy2.htm. It's a 3.6V rechargeable LIR-3032...
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    Upgrade / overclock Ti Powerbook 867Mhz to 1Ghz

    Sorry to cross post, but this is best placed here. Here's a link to the thread in the G3/G4 forum: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=22054
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    Upgrade Powerbook Ti 867 to 1Ghz?

    I took a punt on a used Ti Powerbook, model A1025. It looks and runs great - even the battery and PRAM appear to be functioning OK. Only minor quibble, it's an 867Mhz model. I have a 1Ghz powerbook Ti A1025 that I can scavange for parts. So - how easy / difficult would it be to swap the CPU...
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    Working 1:3 scale compact Mac - cute!

    For all you lovers of vintage mac and mac emulation (I'm picking most of you reading this fall into one or other of these categories), John Leake of retromaccast has built a working 1:3 scale model of compact mac running System 6, using a raspberry Pi and mini vMac under linux. Check it out...