• Updated 2023-07-12: Hello, Guest! Welcome back, and be sure to check out this follow-up post about our outage a week or so ago.
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  • Apologies to all for long time out-of-touch. 2 major things- 1: the entire collection had to be relocated out of my former home to an available non-home location as we were moving to a new place.  My promised-but-not-yet-delivered master list will now be much easier to complete (January target date). Final Mac CPU count-124, including a WG9150 I had forgotten about and have never worked through. Ridiculous pile of parts and peripherals in addition to the ones I have already listed and/or made personal replies about.  2: The IIci's, the SE/30's, and the IIfx's were not in condition to test themselves or any of their peripherals properly, so instead of starting to sell I had to send 13 mb's to Charles for recapping (have not gotten them back yet).  Moving from a place you lived in for over 20 years at age 69+ is not fun.  

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