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    Help setting up Ethernet with an SE/30

    I believe some of the cards did have the RJ45 part as an optional extra as it wasn’t a standard back then so maybe you have one of those.  Mine doesn’t even have an RJ45 connector I needed to use a twisted pair transceiver to convert the 15 pin connector to RJ45. Beyond that it is only half...
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    Formatting an external HHD, utilities software

    Bit of background and picture. I’m not sure of the age of the drive (brought it off eBay). When i cleaned out the dust i i was surprised it was a full size HHD i believe 5.25 inch 2.4gb but has limited information on it anywhere. It weighs a ton though and takes several seconds to spoil up...
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    Formatting an external HHD, utilities software

    Hi guys, following on from my scsi chain external HHD issue (the system attempted to load from the external drive over ruling my internal HHD be it unsuccessfully). Trash recommended SCSI probe utility software thinking it maybe simply a SCSI channel conflict, as it turns out the utility...
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    Assigning SCSI chains

    hi guys, I’m looking to daisy chain SCSI peripherals to my SE/30, i’ve not done this before and could do with some advise as i notice some of the peripherals require assigning a scsi daisy chain number others don’t, i have the following:- -Zip100 no scsi assignment number -AVID external HHD...
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    Setting up email, ie4.01, msm, se/30

    Hi chaps,  trying to configure outlook 4.01 to work on my se/30. First up preference screen seems to big to fit on the screen, secondly port settings, ssl etc will it work? My SE/30 is networked and online, that version of outlook has ssl, any help appreciated?
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    Got a nicely kept, 1 owner from new macintosh 6500/275 from eBay locally last weekend. The chap a graphic designer specified it well with internal zip drive, full ram, upgraded hhd, graphics tablet, tv card and a bunch of software like illustrator, photoshop etc all for £65 or approx $90 in us...
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    Ok so i came across this on eBay for £65 or about $90. Owned from new by seller. Well I brought it, will be collecting tomorrow. Know very little about these machines. Its really a replacement for my 6200cd bridge machine as thats painfully slow online. I use it mainly for macintoshgarden type...
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    Is this Circuit board normal

    Hi Guys, i brought a used a/b analogue board/sony psu combo as a temporary replacement for my se/30’s whilst i recap and clear up my original items. The replacement board is from an SE which I believe is identical? Basically I’ve been experiencing some minor shimmers/flickering especially when...
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    Desktop backgrounds on compact macs

    Hi guys, is there a way to add background pictures to a compact mac: a utility or add on? i’m running 7.5.5 on my se/30. Basically its a bit cheesy but i’d like to the same backgrounds on all 3 of my vintage macs, i mocked up my idea in the below picture.  Trimmed picture in photoshop for the...
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    VRAM SE/30

    Ok guys as micron cards are either rarer than hens teeth or more expensive than the Cullinan diamond can you upgrade THE SE/30’s on board 64kb Video RAM, i.e could you replace it with say a 256kb or 512kb chip? I presume this 64kb chip is soldered on the motherboard somewhere, what chip is...
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    Is this any good radius for se/30 i would like 2 screens on my se/30? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F223366492637 its missing bits i think 
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    John's SE #1 Rebuild

    Mine Isn’t straight either although no burn in at all which is great 
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    transceiver networking

    I’m so happy it’s taken me 18 months to try and get zippy online with you sorting that final step!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!   :)
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    transceiver networking

    Gorgonops, err no I hadn’t noticed that my back plate is rather rusty, I could kiss you its only bloody working!!!! Zippy is online!!! 
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    transceiver networking

    Hi Paralel would this work as its aui direct? neal