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    Building an internal grayscale card for the SE/30

    Man, that's a game changer for my SE/30! I would love to get one of these.
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    MagicSD for SCSI2SD owners

    I believe 10.5.8 was the last version that supports HFS.
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    MagicSD for SCSI2SD owners

    Thanks for this. I've kinda switched over to Blue SCSI but I still have 2 SCSI2SDs (v5.0 and v5.2). SCSI2SD is still pretty confusing to me comparatively. Making more than one device isn't clear at all to me. If I have an 8GB card and want 4 devices I can do one 1GB and three 2GB devices so it...
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    1/2 AA battery Replacement! MoewToast Rev. 2

    I have noticed it's difficult to get them to sit straight up without slipping off the terminal. I can see where a bump or jar could knock it off its terminal after the case is on the computer.
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    iMac g4 bottom case cover spacer puck?

    furniture slides might work, good idea.
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    Apple external HD enclosure : what’s it worth?

    I see huge differences between prices here, on eBay and at local vintage computer shows. eBay tends to be inflated and prices on vintage gear have sky-rocketed in the past 10 years. According to eBay sales I'd estimate between $15 and $50 depending on condition and strength of the buyers desire.
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    Dark spot on iLamp LCD

    I have 2 iLamps, one 700mhz and one 800mhz. Both of them have a dark spot in the same place about 4cm from the bottom right of the screen. Does anyone know what causes this? Any fixes? Maybe something pushing on it from behind? I've seen it in other iLamps too.
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    iMac g4 bottom case cover spacer puck?

    I'm looking for a piece of teflon actually. Foam would disintegrate from the heat and won't provide the support this thing provides.
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    iMac g4 bottom case cover spacer puck?

    I don't really know what to call this thing but it's glued to the inside of the iMac G4 bottom case cover. It seems to be made of some sort of silicone or teflon or something soapy feeling. Anyway, this thing pretty much disintegrated on one of my iMacs. I want to replace it because it's a...
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    How to connect iMac G3 Tray loader to wifi

    So, what you're saying is get a wifi extender with an ethernet port, like this one: Get the wifi extender onto your wifi network and then plug the ethernet into your G3 or G4 Mac. I do this with my Legends Ultimate Arcade because it's wifi is wonky. I would love to find a way to set up a wifi...
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    LC Astec PSU Cap Map

    Pinout is here:
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    LC Astec PSU Cap Map

    I just drew this out because I couldn't find one. Maybe some of you could use it.
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    Photo of Mac Plus analog board showing cap sizes?

    Does anyone know where I can find a Mac Plus analog board photo with cap placement like the reference pics on recapamac.com.au?
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    Starting a Mac Plus restoration. Need a new flyback wire with anode cap

    Yes! I removed the metal mechanism and only soaked that part. To remove the top mechanics, you have to remove the PCB on the bottom (3 or 4 screws) then underneath that will be 4 more (longer) screws that release the metal part. JDW has a video on YouTube that shows how to do it.
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    Starting a Mac Plus restoration. Need a new flyback wire with anode cap

    You shoulda seen it when I took it out. Everything was seized up, no eject, couldn't even slide a disk in. I soaked it in alcohol and then scrubbed it in Windex. I used white lithium grease on the metal parts and silicon lube on everything that touches plastic. Now it's super quiet and moves...