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Apple II: II+ & IIe, LC w/IIe, Lisa: 3x Lisa, two with original Lisa mice & CF card upgrades Compacts: 128k, 512, 512e, Mac Plus x4, Mac Plus accelerated x3, SE/30x8, Color Classic, Mystic, Takky, Powerbooks: 180, 180c x10, 520c x2, 540c x6, Pismo & Lombard x10, TI Book Desktops: LC II, LC IIe, LC 475, IIcx x2, IIci x6, IIsi x2, IIvx, Q650, Q700, Power Macs: 7300, Umax SuperMac, G4 Cube, G5 Mini x3, first iMac x2, eMac, Modern: 2010-2012 Minis, 2013 iMac as a server.  Daily: 2016 MacBook Pro Touchbar