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    PowerBook 520c keyboard

    That's true. I wanted the option for a JIS keyboard instead of US. Since my last post, I found exactly what I needed for the time being - a 520c on eBay with a missing trackpad and not in the best of conditions, BUT a kana/Kanji*** keyboard and replacement LCD to donate to the 550c. I don't...
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    Need help with TAM cooling fan!

    So, I had so many fans out, just for size comparisons, yeah - my scale is off. I had a couple of 1.0 and 1.2-amp fans that were obviously on the big side (~120 mm) and I didn't use them for this test. But I did have a pair of 40 mm units - 12 V @ 60 and 90 mA (not 600/900) and I know they...
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    Need help with TAM cooling fan!

    Hello all, I got a second TAM last week off of one of the Facebook groups and, like the one I bought last fall, it also came well-appointed w/ a Sonnet G3/400. After some machine freezes, I took off the Fat Back and saw the frameless in the HD bracket was not on. I've since been working on...
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    G4 Cube with Sonnet 1 GHz and other goodies

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/UPGRADED-Apple-G4-Cube-1Ghz-Sonnet-Processor-1-5GB-RAM-500-GB-HD-Dual-Boot/273704226994?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Snagged this while I was putting the kids to bed one night last week...  I wanted an accelerator for my existing...
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    IIgs RAM Expansion Preventing Boot?

    As another data point, I ran the self-test (Ctrl-Open-Closed-Reset or whatever equivalent in my AEK II) and got the following: (SYSTEM BAD    09010001) which i I believe can be traced to (among other things) insufficient voltage.this after I took apart and cleaned the board (and I have that...
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    IIgs RAM Expansion Preventing Boot?

    So in between working on our A/UX imaging project, trying to work through some Q950 issues and (on the side) my new SGI O2... I have a IIgs that I got in trade about six months ago that’s pretty much sat the whole time.  It’s a ROM 01 unit. MicroDrive CF card w/ 512 MB CF ByteBoosters 4...
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    [A/UX] Drop-in clean A/UX install image for SCSI2SD

    From said site, for our friends on mobile. Green good, red bad. Be green.
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    PowerBook G3 (Pismo) with Wegener G4 - having issues

    Basically, title. Got a couple of G3s a few months ago. One of them in great shape, 512 MB RAM, PCMCIA 802.11n card (although it only works under OS X) and a rare Wegener Media G4 at 550 MHz. The daughter card looks just like a stock one but apparently the folks over at Wegener grafted on a G4...
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    3D-Printed Objects

    Note: the bezel in the picture below is not 360alaska's model! But, while a bit flimsy (thin substrate and lacking the additional stability), about 6 months ago, I ordered a bezel in "White Natural Versatile Plastic" from Shapeways for $16 USD plus S&H and was able to install it without any...
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    My SE/30: w/ Turbo 040, ROM-inator, Ethernet and 8.1

    Since I am not too shy about asking for help with my myriad Quadra issues, one of the things that has been going great is my SE/30 (edit - until last week!) Here's my setup: SE/30 recapped running System 7.5.3, Mac OS 8.1 and A/UX 3.1.1 (the latter requires me to disable the 040 card) SCSI2SD...
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    Quadra 950 (replacement) logic board is dead?

    Hi, Me again - I was the guy having issues with my 950's ADB port/video artifacts and SCSI2SD booting/Sad Mac: Quadra 950 board #1 The issues could be described as: (just in case y'all have any more ideas) ADB is on crack. Text carat blinks super-fast, repeats almost instantly and equally as...
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    Q700 ADB or board kaput? Mouse clicks but no movement

    Certainly, @trag and @powermax: It's a Motorola XAA204, p/n FB03. Below is a picture from my other Q700, which I had in front of me at that momen. I was wrong in a previous post, the red claw connects to pin 7 of this chip, not pin 1 (judging by the orientation, marking and drawing).
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    Q700 ADB or board kaput? Mouse clicks but no movement

    Bumping this in case anyone else has ideas... I worked around the issue by acquiring another Q700 but I would like to get this one working... it does have a 66 MHz crystal so the 040 and 601 PDS card run ~30% faster than stock.  Another theory - does anyone know what IC chip U54 does? It's...
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    Q700 ADB or board kaput? Mouse clicks but no movement

    Sure. The ADB ports are J3 and J4. The ASIC is U12 for reference.  Good thing I can’t sleep tonight! (US-Florida)
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    Q700 ADB or board kaput? Mouse clicks but no movement

    Here’s a picture of the above-mentioned ASIC 342S0440-B. I poked around the chip - each pin’s solder joint appears to be intact. I did notice the fuse above it but assume that blowing would be obvious AND be all or none?