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    Newtpaint FULL version?

    No idea, but I had an extremely hard time finding much information about it. I didn’t see a place where it could even be purchased either. I am extremely grateful that @aladds shared a copy of it though!
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    PB145B’s finds

    Wow, it’s been over a year since I’ve posted here! I’ve finally gotten a MessagePad running NOS 2.0, something I’ve been looking hard for for the last month or so. I recently pulled my MessagePad 100 back out and it has inspired me to start collecting more Newtons. I found this really clean...
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    Newtpaint FULL version?

    The disk image in that zip file contained the full version! Thank you very much! My MP120 is very happy now. 😄
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    Newtpaint FULL version?

    Will give them a try! Thanks!
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    Newtpaint FULL version?

    Does anyone know where the full version of Newtpaint can be had? The demo is readily available, but it’s pretty useless since it expires after a while. Thanks!
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    View image files on Newton OS 2.0?

    What’s the best/easiest method for viewing image files (bmp, gif, etc) on Newton OS 2.0 (not 2.1) devices? I can’t really find a straightforward way to do it and I think I could save myself some time by asking here. I found a media viewer (forget the name) but it seems to require several other...
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    Flyback opinions wanted

    I quick search in the completed ebay listing shows two, one that sold for $29.99 and another for $49.95, so that’s probably the realistic going prices. $49.95 certainly isn’t “cheap,” though $29.99 seems like a good deal. As @dkjones96 said, just keep a look out. You’ll find a deal on one...
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    Flyback opinions wanted

    That’s definitely NOT good. Personally, I’d probably just replace it. Analog boards for the SE and SE/30 aren’t hard to come by, so it might be easiest to get a whole extra analog board to harvest a flyback from.
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    That’s really cool! I think I remember reading about these years ago. As for the display, it’s definitely a plasma. The electroluminescent displays were a very bright yellow, while plasmas were always orange. For example, the DynaMac used an electroluminescent display.
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    Goofy Line on PowerBook 180c Display

    Yeah, that “shadowing” on an active matrix display is a classic symptom of bad caps. That display should be 100% fine once recapped. Another symptom sometimes is the display looking washed-out until the unit warms up (I have seen this on some old Compaqs before).
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    Bondi Clamshell!

    What @Daniël Oosterhuis said above is 100% correct. It is somewhat unfortunate though, because a Bondi clamshell would look killer! 
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    Connor Mac Portable 3045 40MB Drives

    It can bend the thin pieces of metal that the heads are attached to, causing a cylinder misalignment, therefore rendering the drive useless. It’s not a given that it will happen, but it’s not impossible, so letting them clamp together is best avoided.
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    Microsoft Logo for Mac

    That’s pretty cool. I’ll have to check this out eventually. I like the early Microsoft software for the Macintosh. :)  
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    Apple's magneto-optical drive and miniature CD-ROM drive - The PowerBook 5300 accessories that never were. Or were they?

    That’s too cool! Thanks for posting! Great to know at least one of those still exists.
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    Value of Umax PowerMac Clone

    It’s vintage item. It’s worth what someone is willing to pay for it. :)  Prices can be all over the map. Either way, that is a pretty cool clone. Reminds me slightly of ‘90s Compaq Presarios, which I quite like. :)