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    Powerbook 180 LCD ribbon cable repair

    I still haven't gotten back too it, have the parts .....but need a clear day and some better magnifying glasses and right out look before attempt; the couple of times I have looked at it, it's not hard to imagine getting it all hooked up and then not being able to get the cable folded and back...
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    RaSCSI and Maintosh Plus

    Has anyone other gotten their Plus to boot from a RaSCSI? I've created and formatted multiple disks and installed System 6.0.8, I can see it if I boot from another disk but cannot boot form the RaSCSI alone. Have tried formatting/new drivers with Special HD SC Setup 7.3.5, PLI, Blue Disc...
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    Arduino SCSI device - Work in Progress

    Lost in the June crash of 2021 were several posts regarding construction of "Poor man's" blueSCSI. Though it does work, by the time you get all of the materials, board, SD holder, you might as well have just ordered the kit. Its a good project though. Multiple trouble shooting posts, wiring...
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    Cheap USB mouse adapter for 128k/512k/Plus?

    Hello, This is information from thread that was lost in the June 2021 server crash. It relates to this post so adding it here. It is more information regarding the building of a mouse compatible with Mac Plus and earlier compact macintoshes. The original post indicated with the right Logitech...
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    Soldering success

    Not apple but Atari related, but a conquest, at least for me. It may give additional motivation to attempt (again) a reconstruction of the LCD ribbon for a 180c. Anyway...aside from the center ground of the FPGA (which I couldn't see but assumed I melted with a heat gun), this was all...
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    MacPro 8 Core Cheese Grater

    I have this machine and use it a lot; its been great; running OS Catalina with dosDude patch and windows 10 from SSD's. Upgraded the video card with Radeon 580....no boot screen but works great.
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    Color Classic speed

    Wow...its interesting, I even owned an LC way back when and I do not remember it being this slow, maybe just happy to have color at that point.....
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    Color Classic speed

    I had increased the memory on my color classic today to 8 MB hoping for a speed bump. It's running System 7.1.1 and 32 bit addressing is on, on reading System 7.1.1 has 32 bit quickdraw built in. Abuse and Prince of Persia 2 are not playable secondary to the lag. I thought at least POP would...
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    128k - new addition to the fleet

    Wait a second....isn't there a boot disc for the 128 K that lets you access the HD-20 (or HD-20 emulator) on the Floppy emu?
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    Not a Mac but 68k

    That's awesome.....still looking for my barn find Amiga.
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    Basket Case PowerBook 180c

    The other thing here is the distances and bends in the cable., the right length to bend, flex and close the screen .....Do you have a picture of the back of the lcd w cable in place?
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    Basket Case PowerBook 180c

    Yeah! Great job and good eyes....So there is hope...I would try the same except for the part about "be careful plugging and unplugging the tab connector as they (the tab contacts) can  (eventually) displace"........its pretty cramped in there but looking at taking the header off of the inverter...
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    Basket Case PowerBook 180c

    Nice...be careful plugging and unplugging the tab connector as they can  (eventually) displace especially after you solder to it. I tried some of this but not as clean as you are to this point, it semi worked but it was so tedious I haven't gotten back to it. Still kicking myself for not being...
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    G4 MDD PSU

    Thanks for the link it was very helpful, sorry to repeat  up information that is already out there. ....I have the same video card that you have and it inspired me to reassess and I found that I can shut the case with the 500 watt power supply mounted in that area. So the power supply swap...