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    FLAC decoder for Mac OS 9?

    Does anyone know of a Mac OS 9 FLAC decoder? A QuickTime Component would be ideal for this task, but I don't believe one exists.  I'd love to run my music collection off my Power Mac G4, but don't want to install OS X to do so :)  
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    Trouble with Tribbles^WMachTen 2.1.1

    Hey guys (and girls and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri),  I recently dug out my copy of MachTen again, and have come to realise that one of the disks has been corrupted somehow that's beyond the capability of Finder, DiskCopy, and ddrescue to recover.  If anyone has a copy of...
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    NetBSD and NuBus cards

    Hello! It's once again "Stupid questions from Horst" time.  Has NetBSD ever published any data about what NuBus cards they support? More specifically, does anyone know if NetBSD on a IIci will be able to use a graphics card like the Macintosh Display Card 24AC?  Attempting to get around the...
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    OpenSSH for A/UX

    Just out of curiousity, has anyone got any version of OpenSSH (or even Dropbear) to run on A/UX? Given that OpenSSH is pretty damned portable...
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    800K drive mechanism connecting to IIgs

    OK - this is going to sound entirely absurd. But. I need a 3.5" drive for my IIgs. I have an SE with two 3.5" 800k mechanisms. I read on an eBay listing that some external 1.44MB SuperDrive would work with an Apple FDHD Controller Card, but if plugged into the IIgs would just present as an...
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    Dhrystone for 68k Macintosh

    Fun little benchmark. My PowerBook scored 5714.3 Dhrystones per second. Apparently, my PB180c is about as fast as an IBM PS/2 Model 56. :)
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    8500 logic in 7200 case possible?

    So. I'm set to conquest a 7200 this week. From what I understand, a 7200 is basically a 7500 without the daughtercard, and limited expansion possibilities. ISTR the 7500 and 8500 boards are quite similar. Are they similar enough that I could drop an 8500 logic into a 7200 case and have a...
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    A few requests... read before throwing the rule book at me!

    So. Yeah. I have some requests. I don't want you to give me software, though that would be nice - what I'm after is information. I have an OS 9 machine set up, and I need to know what software will work for the following functions: Schematic Capture (gschem and kicad on linux, eagle on...
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    Dead MessagePad H1000

    Hey guys! My OMP/H1000 is dead in the water - it /was/ working for quite a while until its batteries died (I used high-performance alkalines) and I simply left them in there for a week or two until I got replacements (I ended up purchasing Varta NiMHs because I can recharge them and they're...
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    IIci and (5|6)500 logic...

    So... It's been a while, guys! On Tuesday I met Danamania, did a tech trade... I gave her my SE/30 and Colour Classic (they needed a loving home ...) and got in return that most prized of 68ks ... the IIci! I'm planning to A/UX it up when I get said IIci working, especially now I've put in a...
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    Making Newton eBook pkgs...

    So guys. I have an OMP here now, courtesy of macgreg... I'm currently working on using a VM with serial passthrough to run NCU for Windows... as soon as I find my serial cable that should be able to be done! :D The next question I have is - How does one make an eBook for a Newton? I can see...
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    Reorganisation of the 68kMLA wiki

    Hey there again, 68kMLAwikians! I'd like to request permission and blessings for a reorganisation of the 68kMLA wiki ... The current wiki has an inconsistent structure, parts being extremely well organised, some parts not so much. The amount of things accessible from the front page is nowhere...
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    Newton Power Plug dimensions.

    Hey there guys. I'm just wondering if anyone with physical access to a Newton MessagePad 2x00 or Newton eMate 300 and a pair of vernier calipers can help me here. I need to know the barrel width (outer diameter of the power plug) and pin width (inner diameter of the power plug) for the DC...
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    Getting NetBSD on my Macintosh IIvx

    I need help with getting NetBSD on my Mac IIvx. Also, does anyone know if there are optimised installation sets for the 68030? First hurdle - what do I actually physically need to download to prep the IIvx for running NetBSD? (All the documentation I could find is ancient.)
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    Need some suggestions for software!

    Hey guys! I've just finalised my setup Mac-wise pretty much ... I need some suggestions for software. Power Mac 5500 with a 400MHz G3 upgrade running OS 8.6 - I'd like 8.6 or 8.1-era software on this (Also, my Colour Classic running 7.1.1 (7 Pro) needs a Recipe Manager, preferably hypercard...