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    SE/30 to modern Mac via serial cable

    Hi all. I try to connect SE/30 and iMac 2017 via serial connection using next components: - mini DIN 8 to DB25 mac modem cable (bought on ebay) - DB25-DB9 converter - DB9-USB serial controller At SE/30 side I tried to use ZTerm with different speeds (19.2-115.2). At Mac side I tried a lot...
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    C Compiler & 68k asm

    Does anyone knows a good assembler (with 020-030 support) and C compiler for classic Mac OS? I want to code at both languages simultaneously.
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    SE/30 FDD stopped working correctly

    Hi all. Recenlty my FDD stopped being able to format 1.4 floppies. But 800kb formatted perfectly. I tried to: replace FDD from my Classic II replace FDD cable clear small puddles of electrolyte around capacitors on motherboard Computer correctly determines the type of diskette, so sensor...
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    Midi Quest for 68k

    Do anyone have Midi Quest synth editing software for old 68k macs? Thanks.
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    Macintosh SE/30 floppy drive

    Hi. Around one month ago SE/30 worked perfectly. Two weeks ago I purchased some floppies with old software at ebay. I tried to copy/install software from they but all of them contains disk errors. Afters this I tried to copy files from my MacBook Pro to SE/30 via USB FDD. MacBook formatted...
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    SE/30 as MIDI sequencer

    Hi all. I'm collecting old rack synthesizers, samplers and so on. Is it possible to control all of them simultaneously from some kind of MIDI sequencing software? As I know Atari ST had Steinberg Cubase which allows to record and playback a lot of MIDI-tracks. Could I use my SE/30 for making a...
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    Is A/UX 3.0 usable on SE/30?

    I want to install A/UX 3.0 onto my SE/30. Will it work with reasonable speed or I will get a slideshow?
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    SCSI ethernet adapter

    Does anybody knows any SCSI ethernet adapter which I can use with my SE/30?
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    Professional Machten documentation

    Hi all. I found only Power Machten user's guide at internet - https://www.tenon.com/~downloads/classic/docs/MachTen_User_Guide.pdf .Does anybody has docs for 68k-version? Thanks.
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    MODE32 on SE/30 with 4 Mb RAM

    Hi all   I recently purchased 4x16 mb SIMMs for my SE/30 on ebay and now is waiting while it ships to me.   I have a System 7.1 on my Mac and I want to prepare it for future memory upgrade. At current moment my SE/30 has 4 mb of RAM and I tried to install Mode32 1.2. After restart I see sad mac...
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    Mac Serial Port to Ethernet?

    my se/30 has 2 rs-422 serial ports. I use my linux box as a SLIP-server which provides internet to mac. I heard that there were a special rs422 <-> ethernet adapters for mac. Does anybody know anything about it?
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    Demoscene on 68k

    Amiga/ZX Spectrum/C64/Atari ST has a hundred of thousands demos/intros/diskmags and so on. Do 68k macs have any demoscene stuff?
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    Apple HD20 and SE/30

    I have an Apple HD20 which uses floppy port and want to use it with my SE/30. Is it possible? I have System 7.1 installed onto my Mac.
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    Which is the best NuBus cards for II?

    I recently will get Macintosh II which has 6 nubus card slots. I want to upgrade it to maximum possibilities :) Could anyone tell me, which cards are the best? thanks.
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    Radius Color Pivot driver

    Does anyone has a System 7 driver/extension for Radius Color Pivot SE/30 card? Thanks.