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    SE/30 bus error still happens after recap, FDHD runs out of RAM

    I've been using my SE/30 almost daily for well over 2 years. No problems, except that the volume was always very low. I've upgraded the hard drive with an SCSI2SD card reader. It's been working like a dream for years. The other day I booted it up to get the following error: It would crash...
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    Anyone know how to display jpgs on a Newton 2100?

    I want to upload a jpg to my Newton. Not necessarily as the background image, but sort of like the camera roll on an iPhone. Is there a package that allows you to upload and view .jpgs on the Newton? I have a .jpg I want on my Performa 575, but when I select import on the Newton, that .jpg...
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    800K drive stuck in eject loop at power up

    I scored an SE with a dead power supply for $20 bucks. I figured I could pull the floppy out of it and put it in my Mac Plus that needs one. However, when I power up the Plus, the floppy drive just gets stuck in an eject loop. It's a Sony MP-F51W-23 800K drive, so it should work in the Plus...
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    Scored an SE FDHD, Mac Plus, 40SC, and a ton of RAM for free!

    I had one of my blog readers throw me an email saying he had a few vintage Macs that I could have for free. I offered to pay postage, but he wouldn't hear of it! Amazing the generosity of people.  I was thrilled to see that not only is it an SE, but an SE FDHD. I've been dying for another Fat...
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    Modify Apple II drive for Apple III?

    I have an Apple III that doesn't seem to want to read any disks in the drive. I even tried to boot it up by loading ADTPro over serial, that seems to fail loading into RAM. At first I thought the floppy drive was defective, but now I'm starting to think it's a logicboard thing. If I could just...
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    Is the Apple /// Clock Kit Upgrade needed?

    As far as I can tell, my new Apple /// does not have the clock upgrade kit installed. There is no AA battery pack under the hood. The kits are on eBay now for only $10 bucks. Should I go for it? Is it a nice to have, or is there a fundamental reason why someone would need to swap out the clock...
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    My new Apple ///....and might need some ADT Pro help

    I'm very pleased to announce that I scored a very nice looking Apple /// with a Monitor ///. Everything seems to be OK, but I just can't seem to transfer images to it via ADT Pro, or read disks made from my IIe. DSC_0001.jpg I tried to bootstrap it. Although it says "HI" in the corner and my...
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    My Dad gave me his old SE

    My Dad picked up an SE when they were new. He used it for years, but when work went PC-only, the SE sort of slipped out of usage and at some point ended up in the garage. My parents moved to the West coast in 2000. (I live on the East coast.) So I thought that I'd never see that SE again. My...
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    Weller Soldering Station

    Congrats on the conquest. I've always wanted a Weller, but could never bring myself to drop the ~$200 on the model that I wanted. My wife picked up a Haako FX888 for me last Christmas. It was only $90 on Amazon and it has to be the best soldering iron I've ever used.
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    OS 9 in the box - 2 different boxes

    I love collecting vintage OSes. It's like a collection within a collection. It's taken me a while to score OS 9 in the box. I have a few copies of OS 9 that came with 10.0 and 10.1, as well as with some of my iBooks, but I've never had OS 9 in the retail box. I finally filled the gap between OS...
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    At long last! "Through the Looking Glass" is mine!

    "Through the Looking Glass" has been on my wish list for a long time now. This is another "Holy Grail" item of vintage Apple collecting. I never though I'd find one. I've only seen 2 or 3 come and go on eBay over the last few years. They are very rare. Not to mention the price is always a good...
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    1980 Apple silentype printer

    I scored this guy for only $60 bucks on eBay. I've seen them go for as high as $200-ish. It does have some signs of age, but in surprisingly good condition for a 32-year old printer. It even still has a roll of paper in it as well as the paper roll holders. That has to be a bonus...
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    Mac Plus turns off after short time

    I've never seen a classic trip a breaker. Since all the machines tripped, I'd say the outlet was suspect. Did you try somewhere else in the house? I have all these Macs plugged in only 2 outlets and nothing ever trips:
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    Format 1.4mb disk for 800k

    That's what I meant by interleaving. You'd have something like this: (forgive the crude image, but I'm on a PC at work and the tools are limited.) I'm trying to illustrate that the old data and new data are both visible on the same track. Ergo: read/write errors. PS - you can get DSDDs on...
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    Totaled MacBook Pro + Other Stuff

    It's machines like that that make perfect candidates for digital photo frame projects. You could get your hands on another LCD and mount the whole thing in a nice enclosure on the wall and have it display a slideshow. Or even just a desktop version. With Wi-Fi, you could also have it display a...