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  • We can rebuild her. We have the technology. We can make her better than she was. Better, stronger??? faster... I guess? God, this is hopeless... :^)
    Yes I did draw my profile picture if anyone is curious. I used an old HP Tablet PC for this and it works great!
    It's like, I've won... but at what cost other than paying too much for shipping?
    Hello from the dual QS! Old CPU card may murder me in my sleep but this system works now! :)
    Welp, with all these awful events still going through, my bike just got stolen! As if this year couldn't get ANY WORSE.
    Do I even deserve anything anymore... if anything a 350MHz G3 w/o FW and a 733MHz Quicksilver might be my luck for the rest of my life. Feel like probably offing myself because I killed a dual 1GHz card
    Is it just me or do people feel impatient when they're waiting for something really cool to arrive that they bought on eBay?
    I'm real anxious for my iMac and my JP A1048...
    Hello from a Power Mac G5... unfortunately this belongs to my school and I can't get a broken one they have ;-;
    Powered up this swift beauty yet again. 1.92 without a single hitch in the past 2 years I've had this tweaked configuration.20220316_060839.jpg
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