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hi, i'm katheryn (aka alectrona6400). non-binary transfem girl who's into vintage technology and bored out of her mind 24/7! proud owner of...
-a currently non-functional SE30, that i am working on building a reloaded board for (albeit very, very slowly)
-a 2005 eMac overclocked to 1.92GHz that wipes the floor with the 20" iMac G4
-a macintosh classic that was given to me in late 2017 (my first 68K mac)
-a quicksilver G4 that's been through a few CPU cards before finally working
-a late production 2004 powerbook G4 15" overclocked to 1.67GHz and has a DLSD LCD panel along with an actual DLSD optical drive (mr. polkadots would sell it for one billion dollars because its uNiQuE)
-a 2003 powermac G5 dual 2GHz with a fireGL X3 flashed to an X850 XT, complete with 128k flash chip sourced from a dead r9600 card
-a macintosh performa 475 in which the original hard drive failed as soon as i opened up a text file """humorously""" named 'farts' that was from the previous owner; you can immediately tell the previous owner was likely butthead.
-a performa 6400 with a 300MHz G3 card, radeon 7000 64MB, and an RTL8169 card. just needs working EDO DIMMs
-an ibook g3 clamshell i got when i was 15 and has the charging port from a dead 12" powerbook on it
-a 12" ibook G4 with a modified 1.42ghz 14" board
-4 iMac G3s, 2 slots and 2 trays. one of the slot loaders i have installed grape plastics from a machine that was completely dead. its almost as if apple kept grape in the 2000 refresh!
-an early 2008 macbook pro that was complete in box but had a dead motherboard, paid $20 for all of that but then proceeded to pay $120 for a revised version of the board on aliexpress
-a powerbook 520 with a working rebuilt battery that has a working EMM first try (sorry 3lectr1c)
-and a lot of junk that i still need to get rid of
Jul 8, 2004 (Age: 20)


proud owner of a dead macintosh SE/30
also the woman who pointlessly upgraded her IIsi's onboard ram to 4mb.