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    Snow iMac

    Strange... after years of not seeing any computers at the curb, I find my second slot-loading iMac in approximately 6 weeks. This one is a Snow iMac and, unlike the previous Indigo, actually works! I haven't checked the model number, but based on the specs, I think it's a Summer 2000 iMac DV SE-...
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    Indigo iMac G3/500 (probably dead)

    Found an iMac at the side of the road on the way to work this morning. It's and Indigo and, based on the serial number, is a G3/500 (early 2001). The bad news is, it appears to be dead. I initial tried powering it on and would only get a small burst of static from the speakers when I pushed the...
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    Lombard as a MacOS 9-only box

    Recently, I got it into my head to install NetBSD on my Lombard as it wasn't really doing much of anything else. This has turned out to be more hassle than it is worth, mostly due to the Rage Pro graphics. I'm now considering taking my Pismo which is my main Mac OS 9 system and making it the...
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    12" PowerBook G4

    After what seems like forever, I am finally the owner of a PowerBook G4 12". It comes to me by way of a business associate who I first met in 2005 and see once or twice a year.The thing is, just about every time I see him he has a different 'Book. Apparently, he upgrades fairly frequently and...
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    Software that can read QuickTake 150 files

    I have a chance a liberating a TiBook, but there is a catch... The current owner has a number of images taken with a QuickTake 150 on the drive which would need to be converted to JPEG (or some other modern format) before he'd let it go. So... Any suggestions for a program that could do the...
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    Which to keep? Pismo or Lombard

    With a little luck, I should be the proud owner of a 12" PowerBook G4 in two weeks. This leaves me with a bit of a quandry. I currently have a Pismo (500mhz/1gb/40gb) which I use for light duty couch surfing, etc. under Tiger. I also have a Lombard (333mhz/512mb/40gb) which I run as a dedicated...
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    Internal USB hub in an MDD

    I was wondering if any of you had ever put a front-facing USB hub in the lower optical bay of an MDD. Any suggestions on mounting a regular hub (I figure the door will hide most aesthetic flaws) or should I just go with a commercial drive-bay hub? Thanks... JR
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    Is there a limit on # of ATA busses?

    I have a dual 1.0 MDD. Until recently, I was running a drive with Leopard (SATA with ATA bridge) ont the fast bus and an older ATA drive with Tiger on the slower bus. I recently installed a generic Sil3112 "1+1" card that I had flashed with Mac firmware from Weibe and moved the Leopard drive...
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    Some days you have the oddest luck

    So, I recently traded my spare Pismo to BGoins12 for an MDD without a power supply. Over the weekend, I put a post on the LEM swap list looking for one. Disappointed with a lack of responses, I decided to hit up ebay for a power supply. Two hours after buying one on ebay, I get an email...
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    Radeon 7000 vs. nVidia Geforce 2MX

    A coworker recently gave me an old Dell P4 desktop that he was going to recycle. It came with an nVidia GeForce2 MX AGP card. I'm considering the idea of trying to flash the card with a Mac ROM and install it in my Sawtooth which currently is running with a flashed Radeon 7000 AGP card. Just...
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    How best to sell a couple of G3s?

    Since getting a Sawtooth G4 recently and seeing some spousal concern, I'm realizing that it's time to thin the herd a bit. Basically, I think I need to get rid of a B&W which has been upgraded to a G4/400 and a Beige G3/400 desktop. I basically have two problems: 1) where to sell them and...
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    G4 Sawtooth

    I'm not sure this totally qualifies as a conquest, but I'm happy... I went to the Trenton Computer Festival on Saturday and got a couple of nice items for cheap. The first is a Sawtooth G4- 400mhz, no drives or memory but complete otherwise; decent cosmetically for $15. I'd been wanting to get...
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    Duo 280c keyboard problem

    So, I finally took the 280c out of storage where it's been since renovating the home office. Unfortunately, it seems to have developed some kind of keyboard problem in the interim. It refuses to power up from the power button, only from the reset button in the back. Once powered, it seems to...
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    Terminal emulation software

    I'm thinking about using one of my older PowerBooks as a serial terminal to a Sparc. Can anybody recommend a decent free terminal emulation package for the classic MacOS? The last time I did this was a few years ago and I was using the terminal application in ClarisWorks along with a VT-100...
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    Sawtooth in a B&W case

    Anybody ever try putting a Sawtooth motherboard in a B&W case? Since it looks like the motherboard in my B&W is dead, I'm thinking it would make more sense just to move to an AGP G4. Any gotchas? It seems like I should be okay as long as I also get the back panel. (It looks like the...