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    Effectively clone the drive of a System 7 Macintosh Classic?

    Yup, just set the FloppyEmu to HD20 mode. I think you might need a 20MB HDD image on it first though.
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    Nasty Time Bombs Removed Just In Knick Of Time!!

    Forgot the edit was removed, so ill reply. Meant to say ive only ever found one maxell.
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    Nasty Time Bombs Removed Just In Knick Of Time!!

    Wow, that was close! Sidenote: Why is it that some people seem to only find Maxells, and some almost never find them? Was it regional? In probably the 30+ Macs I've come across, I have only found one intact one...
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    Mac SE: "zoomed" display, dim, high pitch whine

    You should! I'd just grab a cheap analog board off ebay or here (Or ive got one too), and swap out the flyback. You could swap the whole board out too, but that ruins the longevity test. :)
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    Mac SE: "zoomed" display, dim, high pitch whine

    Definitely the flyback. You've had it on 24/7 for TEN years!? I'm shocked it lasted that long too! The flyback has some insulation inside and as it gets older/wears out, it breaks down and starts whining, like what you're hearing.
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    Looking to get my Macinotsh IIx Recapped

    Hi all, I've got a Macintosh IIx that's been in storage for a few years. I'd like to get all the caps replaced on the board AND have the PSU gone through, cleaned, recapped, etc, and everything tested. Would any of you be able to do that? PS. How's that new IIfx ram I see on ebay?
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    NEED HELP with a Powerbook 140 to 145 upgrade

    Hi all, My Powerbook 140 clicks randomly, but has an SCSI2SD, good screen, etc. I bought a 145 off ebay. It was to my knowledge that 140s, 145s, and 170s have the same logic board, but CPU boards are different. I first tried swapping the entire bottom but installing my SCSI2SD. I did this...
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    CURRENT most reliable Powerbook?

    I know I have an ungodly amount of threads here... Sorry... I am wondering what the most reliable Powerbooks are as of now? I mean stuff like least screen issues, no to little tunnel vision, cap issues, plastics, easily expandable, etc, EXCLUDING the 3xxx, 5xxx, 14xx. I mean 1xx and 5xx series...
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    Need some quick opinions on this 160 LCD.

    Got a few things recapped by a member here. Everything was well packed. Got an SE/30 PSU with a smashed in power switch, broken 160 LCD, and a working inverter back today :( (Courtesy of USPS). Whats going on with this LCD? Is this a cap related issue or is this damaged from USPS? Three of...
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    Scsi2sd for powerbooks: Setup?

    Setting up an SCSI2SD Powerbook edition for my 140. Is there anything weird that needs to be done for it to work correctly, or just set up normally? I have read of spin down issues? Has that all been fixed now that there is updated firmware and an actual Powerbook edition?
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    What is the current view on these hard drives?

    Was looking for a certain floppy disk today in storage. Didn't find it... But I DID find my long lost stash of scsi hard drives! What are the current thoughts/views on these? I'm looking for something that would require little to no maintenance for my SE/30. Any of them not have the awful...
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    Powerbook 140 Lines on bottom half of screen and clicking sounds

    Mission success in transplanting a 160 display cable to my 140! Screen is super duper bright and contrast and brightness work... well... like new! Screen is crisp and clean for the most part. But of course, like always, theres an issue. The bottom half of the screen has lines on it, but ONLY...
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    Ripped 140 Display Cable

    Is this easily fixable? These cables seem to be impossible to find. I have a 160 parts powerbook on hand, but the cable is probably different.
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    Need help with 140 broken hinges

    Was putting together my newly recapped 140 with reinforced plastic hinge posts... Yeah. Snapped again. Im very close to just drilling holes into the darn thing and using bolts or something. How the heck to you fix this? Does someone have a very clear set of instructions or description? I used...
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    John's Classic Restoration Thread

    Just got this from TechEdison the other day. :) Have been wanting a Classic for a while now. Will probably sell the SE that I was going to restore to fund this restoration instead. This is the most yellowed compact I have ever laid my eyes on. How is it even possible to get this yellowed? The...