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    Macintosh IIx - Immediate death chime, no video

    To finally end this, joshc was right. There were a couple bad ram slots. All good now!
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    Possible source for 100 Radius Rocket Stage II NuBus cards

    There's just no way. Who names a site canpharm.top? No reviews or information at all anywhere. The generic shopping images don't make me feel too comfortable either. Although I did do a reverse image search, and it is a unique photo...
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    I need help with my IIfx

    How are the caps? You should probably replace the few electrolytics on there, unless you got lucky and it doesn't have them. They usually only affect power, but you never know. Also, could it be a RAM issue?
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    MacIPRpi on a raspberry pi 1?

    Oh, yeah its the AppleTalk server that wont work.
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    MacIPRpi on a raspberry pi 1?

    None of you ran into the issues I did with a 3? Something in one of the packages installed looks for a 4 CPU or something and won't run correctly and causes it to crash.
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    What is the best plastic to use to print hinge standoffs?

    ABS over PLA any day. PLA in an electrical environment like this will break down or warp due to heat.
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    Macintosh Color Display: How did I royally screw this up???

    ...or make the first LCD conversion without feeling bad ruining a good one.
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    ImageWriter II Carriage Grinding/Jumping

    How tight is the belt? Guessing at this point in time, it would not be unusual for the belts to start stretching out and slipping. The carriage, at least as I remember it, has some resistance when you move it manually. I don't think there should be any belt slack.
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    Success!! Mac SE rebuild

    Looks good! Did you need to retrobrite or was it still white?
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    ImageWriter II - one pin does not work

    At this point, wouldn't the last suspect be the logic board? Not really familiar with the ImageWriters.
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    Power Macintosh 7500

    If you want a very reliable Mac for 24hr usage, recap the logic board and PSU, or get it done by someone like Amiga of Rochester. Otherwise, for random whatever use, a logic board recap should be okay for now, unless the PSUs in these are known to go too?
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    ’03 MDD 1.25GHz SP FW400 - No load or boot of OS 9

    Wasn't there some sort of issue installing OS 9 if you already had OS X installed, or was it the other way around? OS 9 required special drivers, but I can't remember if you can install it after installing OS X. Is there a separate drive available to try a clean install?
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    Mac SE FDHD floppy drive constant buzzing

    Third on broken gear. The originals are made to break. The replacements, not so much... But oh well.
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    Well I found another Prototype....iisi

    Noticed this on my IIs as well, my IIx had black slots, my current IIfx had white slots, and my IIfx from years ago had black slots.
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    Possible IIfx SCSI issue?

    Yup, G3 is very fast for it. Scanner works! Sorry for the false alarm.