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    Mac Plus CRT/Analog board distortion.

    Why are the images snipped out of the thread? It's a little hard to see what's meant here.
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    iMac G3 Slotload 350MHz No power

    Hi all, I'm looking at a 350MHz iMac for a friend.  It doesn't power on when the button is pressed at all.  I can hear the high voltage come up for a second, and then slowly discharge when the button is pressed.  The Power LED doesn't come on, or even flash.  I don't hear the CRT degauss.  I do...
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    Supermac Spectrum 24PDQ

    Does anyone have one with a more recent ROM or know where I can find one?  I have a card, but it has the original 1.0 rev ROM, and that really limits it's compatibility. Thanks!
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    PowerBook 14x or 170, 180 Battery NiMH recell

    So I recently replaced the cells in my PowerBook 145B battery, and it works great, charges without a problem, and gets decent life.  The only issue is the fact that the battery monitor build into the OS is designed for NiCAD Cells, when I recelled with NiMH as you can't get NiCADs anymore.  Is...
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    Best video card for 500 MHz Sawtooth?

    I'm looking for the best card with OS9 accelleration as well as 10.4 for my 500 MHz Sawtooth.  I use a DVI monitor, and it would be best if the card could output 1920x1200.  What are my options?  Probably not going to play too many games, and I don't have a preference between ATI or nVidia. Thanks!
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    Powerbook 5300c Power Issue

    Hi, I was recently given a PowerBook 5300c.  I resoldered the power connector, but that didn't help.  The issue I'm having is that most of the time, when I plug it in, the sleep light comes on, and the power key does nothing.  I can't get it to boot.  I pulled the PRAM battery, but that didn't...
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    Diagnosing a Plus that won't turn on

    The connector that connects to the logic board on the analog board side. Attached is the pinout of that connector. IlikeTech
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    Beige G3 Strange Issues

    I just got a beige G3, and It had a bad power supply.  I replaced it with the an ATX unit, and after cleaning the board with alcohol, it booted up.  However, now it won't boot.  It chimes with ram installed, but I don't get any video.  If I remove the RAM, I get a crash.  It doesn't seem to...
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    Mac IIci NuBus Issues?

    I am having weird symptoms on my IIci I just recapped.  It works just fine except it doesn't seem to detect the NuBus card I am trying to install.  I am trying to install a Radius Rocket, which I know works, because I have used it in another system.  It doesn't show up in tattletech, and fails...
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    Trying (and failing) to create a System 7 boot drive

    Download a copy of WinImage and use it to write this to a standard PC floppy and tell me if it boots.
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    SE/30 Serial Port Repair

    On my newly recapped SE/30, everything works great, with the exception of the serial ports.  Completely dead.  I tried a looper cable and it didn't work. What should I try first. Thanks!
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    Radius Rocket!

    Thanks so much to @nglevin for sending me a radius rocket!  It is the 33 MHz model!   You cant beat free for something like that! I’ll test it soon!
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    SE/30 Simisamac recovery

    Help! My new SE/30 is Simisamaced.  It has the vertical lines pattern.  I have removed all of the caps, and cleaned the board. My question is, what caps are needed to boot?  I want to start checking traces before I fix the caps.  I have pulled the video rom and ram and I get the same symptoms...
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    How to mod an ATX PSU for 10 Pin Macintosh (for example IIsi, IIci, Quadra 700 and others)

    Here you go!  This is the schematic I used.  It was the same as the original but I had to use 1K resistors. IC Power connections are assumed. You need to connect 5v to the 5VSB line of your PSU.