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    Fizzbinn’s Finds

    Damn, I'd have snapped that up in a heartbeat!
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    iMac G4: No screen activity

    Took a while but I got a mini-VGA adapter and still nothing. I guess this iMac G4 is a goner.
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    iMac G4: No screen activity

    Thank you! The connector was still attached, but I disconnected and reconnected it and also pulled the PRAM battery to drain the PRAM too just in case. Sadly it had no effect, and I don't have an adapter from mini-VGA to VGA to see if the machine will output video externally.
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    iMac G4: No screen activity

    Fried graphics chips? Jeez...I sure hope not. What does the video cable look like? There's a lot of cables inside the iMac G4 and to be brutally honest, outside of the obvious IDE drive cables I don't know what the other ones are for.
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    iMac G4: No screen activity

    I picked up a 1.25GHz 17 inch iMac G4 at VCF East this weekend but despite being in very nice shape overall, it seems to be troubled. When you press the power button it bongs like normal and the internal fan spins, but the screen never comes on. I've already tried pulling the RAM (it was already...
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    Workgroup Server 9150/120

    My jealousy levels are off the charts!
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    CPU upgrades for PowerCenter?

    I have a Power Computing PowerCenter 150, and I also have an Apple 200MHz 604e CPU card. Could I put the 200MHz card in the PowerCenter, or does it require only PowerComputing CPU cards for some reason? And if it can accept an Apple CPU card, can you freely upgrade from 604 to 604e or am I stuck...
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    iMac G5 Doesn't Recognize Any RAM

    I have an iMac G5 (2.1GHz iSight model) I rescued from a certain death by replacing the power supply. It's working in the sense that it powers on and I was able to install an OS, but any RAM stick I've tried to put in the RAM slot so far is not recognized, the computer only ever reports the...
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    iBook Clamshell Screen Replacement Advice

    I've got an iBook Clamshell (graphite 466MHz FireWire) with a bad screen and I was able to buy a screen that is supposed to work (it's a LG Phillips LP121X04). I don't actually know what brand the current broken screen is. What else do I need to prepare for this? The old guide I found says you...
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    How to open up a 7100?

    I've never owned any of the machines in the IIvx case before and now I have a 7100/80. Unfortunately my hard drive seems to be bad, and I don't really know how to open the machine up beyond sliding off the top cover. How does it work?
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    G4 MDD main PSU connector pinout

    I have a G4 MDD (single 1.25GHz FW400) that doesn't power on, which I'm sure means a dead PSU. I managed to find a spare but I don't know if the spare works. What is the pinout of the main motherboard power connector so I can probe it and see if it's putting out anything?
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    Broken icons in dock in Tiger?

    So I got an eMac the other day with OS X 10.4.11 and it's fully functional except for the fact that most of the icons in the dock are ? icons that are non-functional. How exactly would I go about fixing this? This hard drive is packed with software and I don't currently have a way to back it...
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    Boxed eMac acquisition!

    Snagged this boxed 1.25GHz eMac for free, fully working. https://imgur.com/a/BUxUxJo Unfortunately the box is severely water damaged so I'm debating whether I'm going to keep it...
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    Color Classic doesn't boot off external HD

    I somehow messed up the boot partition on my SCSI2SD in my Color Classic and made it unbootable, so I figured I'd just use my external SCSI HDD with System 7.1 (and the required enabler) installed to boot the Color Classic and re-bless the system folder or whatever else I'd need to do to restore...
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    No sound from Color Classic

    My Color Classic (upgraded with a 550 board) no longer bongs when booted up. I haven't recapped the 550 board so could it be caps that are the cause?