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    Drive imaging software for Mac OS 7/8?

    Thanks, ShrinkWrap works!!! Using Disk Copy 6.3 format and the "copy unused block" options it does exactly what I'd hoped. Unfortunately it also allows writing to the drive that's being imaged, so when I thought I was saving to the desktop of my boot drive I was actually overwriting the drive I...
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    Drive imaging software for Mac OS 7/8?

    HI everyone, I'm posting because I've been trying unsuccessfully for a few hours now to make a block-level disk image of an 80 MB Conner SCSI hard drive from an old Classic and I can't for the life of me find any software that seems to allow this. Does anyone know of anything like this...
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    Mass PowerPC liberation!

    Hey everyone! Usually I'm just a lurker here but I thought you'd enjoy hearing of my recent stroke of luck and my ensuing vintage Mac liberation efforts: So I've been working the summer in a lab in my university's psych department, writing up old forgotten experiments for grad students and...