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    Mini vMac for iPad … interrupt switch?

    This website has articles about the process involved: https://blog.gingerbeardman.com/2021/04/17/turning-an-ipad-pro-into-the-ultimate-classic-macintosh/
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    Share your Apple Color OneScanner Scans here!

    It's amazing (and frustrating) that scan times haven't seemed to improve with more modern scanners. It takes my scanner (a fairly nice and modern Epson v600?) so long to initialize and respond to commands compared to the actual scanning time. There are some faster auto-feed scanners now that...
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    iBook G3 pram capacitor schematic

    Desoldering this pesky capacitor would have been a perfect job for low melt solder! I did a similar job this January, and despite buying the special solder only a few months prior, I forgot I had it and went through a similarly painful supercapacitor replacement experience. If the computer is...
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    Degaussing coil fixed my Color Classic

    I have tried this before, and even if you know what you are doing, it is easy to make things way worse. Keep strong magnets away from crts! :) I think that using a real degaussing coil (either by fixing the internal one or by purchasing an external one) is by far the best way to go.
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    IIgs battery repair

    I'm not sure whether it will apply or not, but here is a potential fix for the no sound issue: I once accidentally plugged my IIgs speaker into a fan header without realizing it. The headers look really similar and I think I remember the speaker making a pop when the power was engaged. The sound...
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    Cheap and simple ADB to USB converter

    I just put one of these converters together -it's great, and far more convenient than cramming the Arduino inside the keyboard itself! Using the online QMK configuration tool, I made a custom QMK firmware that allows the F10-12 keys to act as either function keys or volume controls depending on...
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    Cheap and simple ADB to USB converter

    I'd love to build one of these boards --does anyone in the US have any spare PCBs that they'd be willing to sell?
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    HFS Workbench for MacOS X

    This looks really useful and the user interface is neat too! I love the idea of having a significantly more streamlined way to move files around between my classic mac and modern computer.
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    Titanium PowerBooks performance: 550 MHz model really so slow?

    I think that "too slow" may be (in this case) relative. I have an overclocked 300MHz iBook G3 Clamshell that now runs at 400MHz. I use it with OS9 and 10.4 Tiger. To me, overclocking the computer made a pretty big jump in the computer's speed and usability. It even meant the difference between...
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    I need a new battery.

    I can't remember where I saw it, but I think it is possible to rig up a power bank to connect directly to the charger port of a PowerBook and effectively act as a portable power brick. This would be easier to implement than designing a new internal battery, but it would be much less sleek.
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    Introducing (and interest check) CircuitTalk: LocalTalk for PowerMac G4

    Cool! It wouldn't surprise me if the modem on the iBook Clamshell is really similar to the Pismo, so maybe this could potentially work for several contemporary machines if we're lucky?
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    Introducing (and interest check) CircuitTalk: LocalTalk for PowerMac G4

    Really cool! One of these plus a SCSI card would make a pretty good bridge machine. I assume this replaces the modem module itself? Any chance it could fit into an iBook Clamshell? It seems like most of the circuit PCB is empty, so maybe further miniaturization would be possible. Are the plans...
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    Macintosh II batteries

    The startup circuit in this computer needs a higher voltage than just one battery provides, so there are two. It's okay to just snip the battery legs, and pull them out of the computer that way. They can be replaced with either CR2032 batteries or 1/2 AA batteries. A battery holder can be...
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    Care and Feeding of a Pismo

    Have you seen this thread? https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php?threads/upgrading-ibook-clamshell-display.38727/ It covers replacing the CCFL Backlight in an iBook Clamshell with an LED strip. Internally, I would expect the Pismo LCD to be quite similar to the Clamshell LCD, so I think that most of...
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    Upgrading iBook Clamshell Display?

    I recently overclocked my Clamshell's CPU to run at 400MHz (and the bus at 100MHz), and the ~20% speed boost means it's now barely fast enough to use on a few parts of the internet. I had to take a picture of it displaying this same thread on the 68kMLA forum. :) The backlight modifications I...