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    Rage II extensions

    Hey all,  I've got a pm 6400/200 that I swapped the mobo from a 5500/225 into ages ago.  Things seem fine, but it refuses to work with RAVE-capable games, such as quake.  All i get is a black screen. I've forgotten lots about which ext's I need for what chip, so any pointers would be appreciated.
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    LaserWriter 12/640

    Well I'm back to working at the old Apple shop on campus as the resident Apple Tech, and just to sweeten the deal my boss gave me a LaserWriter 12/640 which appears to be in mint condition. I don't have any serial or AAUI adapters to test its functionality, but I have no reason to believe it...
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    6502 in 2009

    ...exists as this: http://www.makershed.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=MKPP1 I'm sure somebody will get Oregon Trail going asap.
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    Server 10.1 and Sonnet Tempo/133 Oddness

    So I have a copy of 10.1 Unlimited Client Server and I thought it would be a hoot to install it on my Yosemite as it is very quiet, sucks up a max of 200w and has a monitor power passthrough socket/port/jack/whatever. I have my website and other various data server files on a 200GB WD drive so...
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    17" iMac G5

    I recently came into possession of a 1.6GHz 17" iMac G5 with a 160GB HD and 1GB of RAM, but severe video distortion issues. Opened it up to find the two video power capacitors blown, and two Rubycon 6.3v 2200μF cap's later and boom. effective $10 iMac G5. I'm probably going to end up getting...
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    I give and then I take.

    well fall semester starts tomorrow and i wanted to get rid of some junk, so i headed down to the electronic recycling depot to drop off an old printer and a few cellphones. the building is just this big warehouse building that had nobody in it, so i wandered in, dropped my stuff off, and then...
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    A G5 and some other crap.

    OK well its not really a conquest as i didn't really save this G5 from destruction. it would be more accurate to say i saved it from a life of sitting on a desk not being used. its a first-generation dual 2GHz model with 2GB ram and 2x 250GB HD's. the video card has also been upgraded to an...
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    The Last Pismo

    So i've got this 500MHz Pismo which I decided to start using around campus just to show up all these mac noobs who think they know something because they bought a MacBook. Nuh-uh. I am old-school apple fanatic, i've had to deal with extension resource conflicts and manually adjusting RAM...
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    Possibly Broken Pismo

    Well i was cleaning up in the back room and noticed this lowly G3 powerbook sitting on a shelf. I asked my boss what was up with it, and he said it had a bad mobo. Fortunately, it has a flawless keyboard and a perfect display, both of which i could use as parts for my 500MHz Pismo, so i...
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    17" Studio Display

    Well as some of you might know I work at the University Computer store at UTK in tennessee, and one perk of the job is that people sometimes bring in cool shit for us to resell. Today, the tech-gods gave us four 17" Studio Displays, all of which work. My boss and I picked one up each. We're...
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    Excellent Intro to Newtonism

    found this while browsing ebay. would make an excellent toy to start your newton experience if you've been looking to get one :)
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    Less Spam?

    Ok, now i'm probably not the best person to say this, but the IRC channel has become a bit too....spammy and annoying. i realize that i am a big part of the problem, i almost never have anything valid to add to the conversation but i'm also certainly not the only one. i think we need to just...
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    How to get rid of that goddamned language bar...

    So i post his question to any/all windows geeks out there: how in the hell do i get rid of that goddamned language bar from the task bar? i keep deselecting it but it just keeps reappearing and its bugging the hell out of me. is there some sort of registry hack or preference pane i can go to...
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    Save the iBook!

    alright well i've started repairs on the iBook 14", starting with the LCD frame which can be viewed here. its late and i'm tired, but basically i decided that repairing it was more economical than trying to buy a replacement.
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    Three fer Free!

    Well 'twas almost quittin time and my boss says "Follow me." He brings me into one of the labs and reaches up onto a shelf and pulls down THREE!! supposedly broken apple laptops. considering the last "broken" laptop i received from them worked just fine, i was more than eager to get my hands...