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    PowerBook Scuznet adaptor

    I may be able to provide you with some more information regarding the hard drive bay and modem situation within the Duo’s, i can send you the blank card that plugs into the modem connector when there is no modem present, i can take general measurements of whatever you need as well
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    Powerbook Duo 210 crashed and won’t reboot

    I do, ill have a go with it tonight and see if that helps, thanks!
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    Powerbook Duo 210 crashed and won’t reboot

    I picked up a 210 at a thrift store recently and i wad delighted that it worked perfectly, however as i was using it the entire screen froze, after leaving it for a few minutes with no response i restarted the machine using the keyboard, after which i got a happy mac followed by the screen...
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    Challenger's conquests

    So I managed to get both Duos recappedafter ordering all the parts from Digikey For anyone who is recapping a 2300c, The smaller capacitors are 33uf 35v  And here is the patient after surgery   :D
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    Duo 270c - Yay or nay?

    this is the connector
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    Challenger's conquests

    So after many years of radio silence on this forum I decided to come back, I lost about 95 percent of my collection in 2017 to a collapsed shelf, and of all the images I lost the one that saddened me the most was my powerbook duo.  So with many fond memories of the duo I decided I would set out...
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    PB Duo 2300c and 270c Capacitor list

    Hi everyone, I am going to start recapping my Duos as I finished Recapping the docks, Does anyone know which capacitors are required for the 2300c and 270c, Also is it worth recapping the displays?, I worry that the heat of a soldering iron could ruin the two near perfect duo screens I have. ...
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    Duo 2300c - Battery rebuilds?

    @sutekh which option did you choose for the charger module?
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    PB 2300c display screw covers

    I am currently restoring my 2300c and will be 3d printing a new standoff for the front bezel as the original standoff crumbled against my attempt to repair it, I want to replace the little plastic screw covers and I am unsure of how to source originals/ recreate them
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    How to install OS onto CF card

    So I downloaded your minimal 7.5.5 disk image and used BalenaEtcher to install it onto My SD card Annnnnndddddd...... it works!!!!!  I am amazed, thank you so much RealityStorm, I am so excited to finally use my 2300c 
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    How to install OS onto CF card

    I just got my CF to IDE adapter for my 2300c in the mail, how do I go about loading an OS onto it?, specifically Mac OS 8.1
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    Duo type 3 battery

    I have been attempting to recall a type 3 duo battery, however I cannot find the right cells for sale anywhere in the US or Canada, has anyone recently restored one of these batteries and if so where did you find the cells for them 
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    Best MacOS for 2300c

    As I recently got a 2300c with no hard disk i immediately purchased an IDE to CF adapter and I am now wondering which version is  optimal to run on this machine 
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    DuoDock Nubus card compatibility

    Hi all, I was wondering if all Nubus cards are compatible with the DuoDock, I feel as if the Accelerator cards would not be, but would they damage the dock/duo?
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    I got a new MacBook Pro (Not the M1)

    Hey all, I just got a 2019 MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar  and I love it so far. I was wondering if anyone has had an experience With this machine and if you have any tips or tricks to get the most out of this laptop.