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    I present to you an EVT TNT Power Macintosh 7500 Prototype Board and More

    I would love to extract whatever information is this little chip. It is a workaround for a bug in the Hammerhead memory controller.
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    Does anyone have a 7500 ROM SIMM and if not are there modern day programable ones?

    Development flash roms existed. You needed a "Flash Gordon" Quadra PDS card to program them. I have a box with dozens of them I'd take an offer for in a private message. It's what we used for ROM development in all the first generation PCI machines
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    get ADB performa keyboard power button to turn on G4 quick silver...

    I think you're going to find it did something gross like short the D+ D- lines when you pushed the button.
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    get ADB performa keyboard power button to turn on G4 quick silver...

    At some point in the G4 life cycle, Apple removed the power on through USB functionality because it violated the USB spec.
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    Why didn't the Original Mac OS have pre-emptive multitasking

    I'm not sure what makes the Lisa's MMU a "crude hardware circuit"; what doesn't it do that would be a necessary part of the basic requirements of a "full memory management unit"? -- Lisa has a base-bounds segmented MMU, like the 68451, The SUN used a two-level segment-page mmu that allowed for...
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    1/2 AA battery Replacement! MoewToast Rev. 2

    LIR2032 batteries are rechargeable, CR2032 are not. Not that it matters, there is no charging voltage present at the battery when a Mac is plugged in, only trickle current from the AC supply which bypasses the battery.
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    1/2 AA battery Replacement! MoewToast Rev. 2

    Is there a table anywhere of the actual current drain across all of the 68K mac models with the machines unplugged?
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    Mac Mach

    http://bitsavers.org/bits/CMU/Macmach have fun..
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    Lisa OS Open-source?

    The code is NOT open source, it will have a click-through license for non-profit non-redistribution use only. The notice of a code release was a press leak from the Lisa list, it was NEVER confirmed by CHM. It will happen, I can't say when. and PLEASE stop bothering the archivists trying to get...
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    LaserWriter 2 paper feed issues

    see my twitter thread I replaced the separation rollers with tubing and the paper feed with 2GT-10 timing belt Now, I have to put it all back together and see what happens, I was waiting for a NOS fuser assembly which finally showed up last Wed.
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    thanks, they arrived and hope to get to them soon

    thanks, they arrived and hope to get to them soon
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    15 pin to HD15 adapter schematics

    I was a bit surprised that I couldn't find a good collection of information on the adapters with monitor ID / sync switches so I've started putting some info on http://bitsavers.org/pdf/apple/mac/monitor/monitor_sense Has anyone drawn the schematics for the 6,8 and 10 switch adapters?
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    Early LaserWriter ROM dumps

    seems like a feature Applesauce should have.
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    Early LaserWriter ROM dumps

    I don't think any Mac system software disks were copy protected, at least I've never run into any that couldn't be copied with DC42. I know MDS is, which was licensed from Bill Duvall. It would be nice if someone came up with a list of the problem children. The earliest LW driver that I have...
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    Early LaserWriter ROM dumps

    I was going to try reading the ROMs. I could take care of the floppies as well, but I suspect whoever has them knows how to use Disk Copy 4.2