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    SE/30 motherboard problem ??

    Here are a few more pictures. I will do a more thorough clean up with the swabs and some alcohol soon. The area under the chip mount has some serious corrosion. I did not think that the pram battery would be so corrosive over so much area !!
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    SE/30 motherboard problem ??

    I picked up a very nice SE/30, outside condition very clean. I booted it up and got a garbled screen. The hard drive was running, but very noisy. I have an external drive that I wanted to use to replace the internal drive with. I popped off the case and was surprised by the mass of brown...
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    Cheap emate battery fix.

    I was trying to get my emate charged up with no luck. The batteries were totally dead. No real surprize as they are the originals from 1997. Earlier in the year I had bought a damaged rc (radio control) car for $2.00 at a garage sale. It had a 9.6V battery pack in it. 8...
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    SE/30 cpu swap ?

    I am thinking about trying a cpu swap on the SE/30. There is a 40mhz 68030 cpu available. I am pretty sure I have a SE/30 motherboard with the socket style cpu. I think it would work, but the new cpu would only run at 16mhz. Without having the expensive accelerator, is there anyway to make...
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    Five Ibooks !

    I just picked up these ibooks as parts from a local seller. All have issues. Three G4 Ibooks and two G3 Ibooks. No video at all on the 1.33ghz Ibook, it bongs on start up. Damaged screen(1/2 of it works) on the 1ghz G4, boots and runs fine. The third G4 is a 1.2ghz model, it bongs on start...
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    Quadra 660AV

    Just picked up a Quadra 660AV. I was going to pop the CPU out of it to drop into a Quadra 605 I have. I thought I would play with it for a few minutes. It looked very dusty and dirty inside and out. But it was complete. It booted right up! Showing 16mb of ram, 250mb hardrive and running...
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    Small Find!

    Dropped into the local Salvation Army Thrift Store today. On the back shelf was a white mouse. I had not seen this type before. Flipping it over I saw the familiar Apple logo. A Model A1152 ! A wired optical Mighty Mouse!! Awesome!! That was all there was for me today. I walked over...
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    Possible Project??

    I have a dead 500mhz Sawtooth. It has been sitting for awhile down in the basement. It quit one day , after a few attempts to revive it, it went to the basement. A motherboard from a 2005 Emac ended up in a box beside the sawtooth. Its the 1.42ghz model with the 167mhz bus. I do like the...
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    Pile of FREE Macs!!

    There was an add on our local Kijiji site. "Giveaway of very old Mac computers and acc. Come and get them". It gave the address. It happened to be near the school my son goes to. So I stopped by. There was at least 50 Macs. Keyboards, mice, printers, monitors, boxes of parts. Also mac...
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    Dead Pismo!

    Just picked up a very nice looking pismo. The first one I have had! No hardrive. Plugged it in. Nothing. Checked and reset the ram, added a hardrive. Checked all the cables under the keyboard. Left it plugged in for a couple of hours. Tried again. Nothing. Checked the battery and it shows...
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    Strawberry Trayloading Imac

    Dropped into a yardsale and spotted a sad looking Strawberry Imac sitting with a bunch of monitors. I asked the lady how much for the Imac. The price was the same for all of them, $5.00. Sitting on top of the Imac was a matching keyboard and two matching mice!! Once home I cleaned off the...
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    Two Imac's

    Two Imacs in one weekend! First one is a 333mhz tray loader. Grape in colour! O.S. 9.2 with a 6gb harddrive and 160mb of ram. Works fine. I may use it to fix up another grape Imac I have that is missing some of its plastics. The second Imac is 500mhz slot loader, white in colour. It had no...
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    6100/66 DOS Compatible

    Just saved this PowerMac from going to the dump. Turns out to be a 6100/66 DOS Compatible. I have never actual seen one of these before. I cleaned off the snow and dried it off. Lots of snow and ice here! I plugged it in, it chimed nicely, but no video output. It has a 500mb SCSI...
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    7300/180 with Apple Multiple Scan 15AV Display!

    Just picked this up off of FreeCycle. The Apple Multiscan 15"av Display is very crisp. The speakers work well. The 7300/180 has O.S.7.5.5 installed. A 1.9gb hardrive and 32mb of ram. Floppy and cd drives are good. It came with the manuals for the display and computer. It is completely...
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    This is the first LC520 I have come across. It is completely stock. It has a 80mb hardrive, 8mb of ram, O.S.7.1. It has a CD drive that uses the removable tray to put the CD in. It was privately owned and not from a school. The condition is very good. And everything works well on it. I...