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Radius Artica (SGI 1600SW) in Original Box!

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Here's a really fun pickup I just got. It's a Radius Artica LCD. Even better, it came in the original box (I wasn't expecting that!). 






You're probably wondering "Okay, well, it's an LCD, what's so special?" Well here's the deal: This is a recasing of the SGI Flagship monitor, the 1600SW. It's in translucent plastic with (once) blue access to match a B&W G3. Sadly I don't have a B&W G3 but I can probably arrange to drag one down for a picture.





Sadly I did not have my Multilink at home to test it out! I've got a lead on the Formac mac video card that matches but I haven't got it yet. The monitor uses FPD Link instead of DVI or VGA. Basically it's closer to LVDS shoved over a cable than anything else. As such you can't just plug it into any random computer and test without the active adapter box. 


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I remember those SGI displays being like the ultimate geek status symbol around the turn of the century. It's kind of astonishing how forward-looking the design was.

Sadly if I actually had one I'd probably be inclined to never actually turn it on because I'm sure the actual quality of the display would just be laughably bad compared to modern units. :/

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