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I got 2 emates cheap. Not only are they both missing their battery packs (so I can't rebuild them with new batteries), they're missing their original DRAMs. I have a 4MB flash storage which I know overrides the RAM when you use it but can someone please tell me what the original DRAM was that came with it so I can buy some? Thanks for your help. I have looked at various sites but couldn't find anything specific.

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It not only gives you more storage (not, as I understand things, more working RAM), but it alters the machine from 16 to 32 bit. The speed increase is noticeable.


Given the enhanced  functionality, it is unsurprising that the module was proprietary and therefore that it was expensive. Since emates were  built to be cheap and were intended mainly for primary schools, these cards are also reasonably rare. Best way to find one these days is probably to look for a machine that has two cards pictured under the cover. There’s only one thing that second card can be.

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