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Hi everyone. I've got a SE that I recently pulled down from the closet and got running.


It was given to me in the late 90s by a neighbor. I had bought new one of the first SE's back in April of 87' but long ago sold it.


The 20 Meg internal HD works, the battery on the board has not leaked, and it runs well. Caps on the MB show no visible leaks. 


Except the screen has issues.


Brightness knob does nothing and it seems to be on max.


Focus is a little fuzzy and adjusting the pot can't help it.


The display has some swelling when you open windows.


Any ideas?

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I would recommend removing the analog board, desolder the brightness potentiometer, pour some Isopropyl Alcohol into it, and turn it a bunch of times. You might even be able to do it without desoldering the brightness pot. I had a brightness potentiometer that would not go very dim - doing this totally fixed it.

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