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HyperDrive was the first INTERNAL hard drive for the Macintosh. Here's a detailed look at the earliest version kit with a massive 10MBof disk space. I present a bit of GCC history, the full kit installation in a Mac 512K, and a software overview. HyperDrive was sold by Apple authorized dealers and did not invalidate the Mac's warranty. As always, click "SHOW MORE" on YouTube to expand the text description below the video to see lots of links and extra info.  #MARCHintosh



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Great video as always @JDW.  I have one of these but still learned quite a bit from your presentation.  Odd about the System 6 incompatibility, I’d like to explore that more one days.

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Thank you for watching and for the feedback, @Crutch

Is yours a 10MB or 20MB?  


When I spoke with those GCC people I mention in my video, most were familiar with either the 20MB version or the later HyperDrive 2000.  The 20MB version is a different drive mechanism — I believe a Miniscribe.  But the 10MB was MMI as I show in my video.

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You definitely have the newer controller board (newer than mine):



But the sticker on your box has what appears to be a checkmark next to the "HD10-MP" version:



My guess is that kit should work if you install that newer edition controller with the 10MB drive, but of course you need to follow my video to do that installation and then let us know.

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