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powerbook duo 210/230 era ad with price

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The mini dock was the most rare because only Apple made it, and they were pushing the Duo Dock and not the smaller ones. The micro docks were the most plentiful because third parties also made them. There was also a weird in-between dock made by third parties that added SCSI to the micro dock, and that’s what I had.

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This is very neat.


This isn't an advertisement, it's part of the feature MacWorld ran when the Duo ecosystem was introduced.


These prices aren't Apple's pre-set configurations or bundles, they're MacWorld's Editor's speculation as to what people would be interested in, so you could mix and match those pieces  (which were probably just the suggested prices, you might pay more or less at a dealer and depending on the day/time you tried to buy) to get an ecosystem that worked. For ex. if you just needed a Cheap Computer you could put away a duo 210 with the micro floppy dock was a viable config. (TBH you could use a duo without any dock or a floppy drive if you wanted, especially if you had a serial cable and a desktop Mac for LocalTalk action.)


I believe Apple and at least one other company made mini docks, several companies made Micro docks, some of them overlapped exactly what Apple's did, and some of them had unique combinations, e.g. IIRC eMachines (the one and only AFAIK) made a dock with better graphics than Apple's mini dock, for example.

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