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Mini Quadra & AppleColo(u)r Display

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So in the 3D printed object thread, markyb86 made an excellent Quadra Pi zero case. I made a matching AppleColour RGB monitor designed to fit a small 640x480 LCD module


The module has arrived and I have made it work!


I also spent some time making a working Basilisk II image with a HyperCard clock (WildClock, it’s on archive.org if you search for it)


The “loose” wire is correcting a grounding issue which took me longer than it should have to fix.


Now I have to put it all together!



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I’ve made the corners (STLs on my GitHub: https://github.com/aladds/3D-Apple-Objects-STL ) and put it together. The screen, being HDMI, is pixel-perfect, which is excellent, but the front case does need a small mod to cover up more of the bezel. I think I did a pretty good job, though, considering I guessed the cutout based on a picture on the LCD’s listing page!


The thing runs from 12v, but it draws less than amp, so I got a tiny boost power supply and hooked it through to the Pi’s 5v lines. The whole thing still runs from a USB port - although I should probably measure its current to be sure it’s within spec!





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Yep I think it will mostly be just a desk clock. I am going to add some speakers to the monitor (when parts arrive) and since it’s a pi running full Linux I might see how good the sound would be to have it as an AirPlay speaker too. 

I may also see if I could use it as a notification screen; HyperCard can talk to networks after all :)


The Quadra :quadra: case isn’t mine, you can find that here:


All the parts to make the display are on my GitHub as above. I’ve not changed the front of the screen yet so the bezel doesn’t fit perfectly at the bottom, I will change that I think. I’ve also not made a bracket for the controller board or anything for the ports to go through yet. There’s still a decent amount of space to design a good sound box for some speakers I think.

The screen is from AliExpress:


The little board on the back (I’ve not finished the internals of the monitor yet) is the boost power supply - I want to have a neat _appropriately sized_ connector for power (and possibly audio if I can’t work out how to do it over HDMI).


And I’ve ordered a better MiniHDMI-HDMI cable which is a lot shorter, too. The current one is overkill!

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