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IIci video fails to this screen...

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Hi all...


I fired up my IIci after it had been sitting for a few months with some sporadic video issues.  I reseated the cable that goes through 2 KVMs to my Sun LCD monitor and it fired up and worked fine for about 10 minutes and then failed to this patterns:



I rebooted the machine and it started its boot sequence and then failed again to the same pattern.  Subsequent restarts no just give a black screen...the monitor senses there is signal (its LED  goes from Orange to Green) however there is nothing but black.


The IIci has a Daystar 601 66MHZ and it boots to the PPC on with the different chime. It also has an Asante ethernet card.  The video is from the IIci motherboard that was recapped a few years back by AllMacs.


Any thoughts on what might be going on here?


Tomorrow I am going to try booting with no cards installed and see what happens.




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I would have said too that you should try to disable the Turbo 601 and try again.

You also might want to check if your RAM is good and properly seated. I have a few logicboards with bad RAM that tend to loose contact over time.

A little jiggling on the SIMMs usually fixes it again for some time.

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THx @Bolle


I finally got around to getting the stuff on top of the IIci out of the way...


I first pulled the Daystar 601 and it booted with video just fine.


After reinstalling the 601 it too worked fine.  I didn't have to reseat the Ram.  

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Hm... some weird PRAM setting that got messed up maybe? I think some unused/undocumented PRAM bits are used to store PPC specific stuff.

Booting without the T601 in place might have reset something in there and knocked things back into place.

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