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40 MB disks on eBay

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This IS cool.  Thanks.  So, I’m not a hard drive expert, I appreciate that this seller opened one up to show the condition of the rubber bump stop ... is that the primary component that causes these to age into disrepair?  In other words, do these sold spinning HDs start to have issues because of USE, or just because of AGE?  Would we generally expect a NOS HD to still have many years of life ahead, as opposed to (say) a NOS SE/30, which would need recapping and floppy drive lubing and god help us if there was a a battery in there?

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There are two main issues that we have seen on the quantum drives installed in our Macs, 1) board failures and 2) the gooey rubber stop.  IMO, the rubber stop shown in the ad could not have been gooey and still looked that good after removal.  That leaves just possible board failures and I am not sure what causes that, or if storage for 30+ years would prevent that.  Since the seller is willing to test them before shipping them to you, it seems reasonable to expect somewhat less than the 'normal' HD MTBF, which for original 40 MB Quantum Pro drives was 50000 hrs. (they originally came with a 24 month warranty, which is long expired) Quantum PRODRIVE SE 40 specs


...or maybe the seller has access to a time machine (I've been watching quite a few Outer Limits episodes lately) and they could be good for quite a few more years ;-)

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