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LC II Reverse polarity capacitor

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8 hours ago, erichelgeson said:

Yes, there is a chance. I saw someone replace a tantalum cap backwards a few times and blow it each time - did work after they realized it was backwards.

The capacitor itself looks fine and there’s no direct shorts to ground anywhere, I’ll switch it around and see if everything is okay, I still need to get a new power supply, but does anyone know what C21 does? 

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C21 is a cap on 8V power rail which is powering audio related stuff. Check PIN14 of UB10/DFAC chip. Reverse polarised caps explode as they become shorts for reverse voltage. UB10 could have been shorted, if PIN14 stays low = 0V after the cap has been correctly installed you are ouf of luck.


Check also UA9 which is 12V-8V volage regulator, you should have 8V on PIN8, since it is powered by 12V main rail short of UA9 could shutdown power supply i.e. overcurrent protection.

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