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Color Classic Analog Board issue

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On 9/19/2020 at 9:36 AM, PacNPal said:

From reading around and seeing prior issues, this would appear to be a Vertical IC failure. Thanks for the help. 

it can be. But it depends on what happened prior. 


If it was working, and now its not, your recap job may be at fault. Or, its an unfortunate set of circumstances that caused the IC to fail. 

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This is what I expect to see from a bad capacitor on the vertical signal to the yoke. Its analog distortion


I've sadly never touched Colour Classic board, so I can't check for you. But I'd start with the cables coming from the yoke, follow back the two cables for vertical.

The capacitor that may cause this will be very close in the circuit to this, it may come after or before a coil but it shouldn't been too far into its circuitry. (It might be further "physically" on the board however)



This is a Macintosh SE/30 I got in recently, this had a bad capacitor on the horizontal signal to the yoke :)


What type of capacitors did you replace them with? Are they known good from a high quality manufacturer?

Did you replace all of them or just the "recommended" ones?

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