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decoding bad chip Apple IIc

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Anyone having some experience with bad chip location in the memory expansion board (Apple IIc) ?


MECC is detecting an error, so probably a bad chip, not a big deal but removing the board is a real pain as is lying under the keyboard and upside-down.


The Apple IIc is working fine most of the time, only not booting properly from time to time.





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Just a couple of questions:


Which Apple IIc was it? Is this some 3rd party diagnostic software, as I never seen it, only the Built-in ROM RAM Test on some IIc's have.


Which chip(s) was it? I remember Adrian Black on his Youtube Video fix an Iffy IIc with Bad RAM, the on ROM RAM Test gave out a binary code as to which chip was bad, BUT this code was in reverse to the chip location on the board. If the code was 1 0 0 0 0 0 0, the chip was on the extreme right of its bank.

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