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SuperMac Accelerator drivers

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Hi All,


I recently picked up a SuperMac accelerator card for a Mac SE. I think the card is a 16 MHz 68000 accelerator. I’ve added some photos to show what I’ve got.


Does anyone have the drivers for this card or know where I could get the drivers?








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Leads on this are pretty cold... it's a SuperMac SpeedCard


Thanks to this eBay seller we know what the driver diskette looks like, and handily the front cover of the manual shows a screenshot of the System 6 control panel, indicating that the cdev is likely just called 'SpeedCard.' Perhaps they or a future buyer could be persuaded to image the diskette.



Other than that, there was mention of one in a collection here in 2007 and another on arstechnica in 2002. It's a long shot, but if you want to track them down it might still pay off...



Edit: One more from 2007, post #14: https://www.bikeforums.net/foo/352410-your-computer.html

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10 hours ago, Crutch said:

Just got my hands on one of these NIB with disk and manual and uploaded the driver to the Garden.  The floppy disk just contains a single 13k file (the driver cdev).  I haven’t actually tested it yet (need to install the card still).  Hope it works for you!




Oh wow - thank you so much. You are awesome!


Any chance you can scan the user manual as well?

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