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SE/30 and Asante ethernet card issue

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I am having a weird problem with my SE/30 and an Asante ethernet card... I know the ethernet card works, as I it was working in the SE/30 I pulled it from (the SCSI chip failed on that one, and I don't have the skills to replace it). When I put it in my other SE/30, I the normal chord and a happy mac at startup, then it hangs at the happy mac and I get a two-tone "ta-da" chord, followed by the four-tone low-to-high test chord. Then the computer hangs indefinitely, but when I reboot with the programmer's key it it starts fine, no hangs, no weird tones. The Asante card test from the installation disk runs fine, so the network card is working. The computer restarts fine on any subsequent soft reboots, but if I shut down and restart I have to go through the whole two-step reboot process again. I am running system 7.1, Asante driver is 5.1.2, and I have 32 Mb ram installed on the machine. 


Any ideas what might be going on? Thanks!

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Completely recapped, and I have a scsi2sd in it. This has been a reliable workhorse until now. There was a video card in the slot that came with the computer when I got it years ago. I never used it, just left it in because it was there. So I replaced that with the network card. The chimes now happen whether or not the network card is in, only at a cold boot with 32-bit on. I tried se-seating the RAM and ROM. 

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Oh I see, we posted at the same time.  Perhaps some RAM above 8MB has gone bad?  Try cleaning the contacts maybe, or try other sticks.


edit:  hmm, well maybe not if it runs okay after a reset.  Weird.

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