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Power Mac 5400 non-apple IDE drive not recognizing

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So the original IDE drive in my Power Mac 5400 is failing, and so I'm trying to replace it with a new, non-Apple, IDE hard drive. I've tried a Maxtor 20GB IDE drive and a Seagate 250GB IDE drive. When I boot from the Mac OS 9.1 install CD, Disk Setup will not recognize either drive. I've read that it may be because the Apple version of Drive Setup will only recognize Apple hard drives, so I've been trying to get a copy of FWB Hard Disk Toolkit working. So far I have not had luck getting a bootable CD of it to work. But a lot of the information about this utility talks about SCSI drives, so I'm wondering if it even is the right tool to fix my IDE drive problem? Do IDE drives even need the apple driver like SCSI drives did?


Rather than a software issue, could it be a jumper issue on the drive? Or something else I'm not thinking of? I have read that this machine may not be able recognize larger drives, which is why I'm focusing on the 20 gb drive right now.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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These machines are notoriously finicky about hard drives, but a 20GB drive is a better bet than a 250, given that  it's a case of the older, the better in this instance.


think you want MASTER set on the jumper, and yes, the jumper definitely matters. 9.1's Drive Setup should work once the hardware is recognized, so I would focus on the latter question.


My G4 Cube came with 9.1 and a 20GB drive from the factory, but then, it's IDE is much more modern. Do you happen to have a G4 to try the smaller drive in and see if it works? You could do a system installation and then swap the unit across.

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