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3 minutes ago, sfiera said:

Thanks for the video; I found it very informative. I have two 800k drives I need to tune up, unless of course you want to fix them for me feature them in a subsequent episode :)

Not only do I intend a lubrication video for newer floppy drives, I also intend a recapping video as well.  The lubrication procedure is quite similar to the 400k drive, it's just the lubrication points are different.

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That’s great. I bought the isopropyl and grease already, but I’ll hold off on applying them, then.


For the record, I was kind of joking about sending them to you, but it would be totally feasible to ゆうパック them over if you’d find it useful.


[Edit: or at a minimum, document their current state as comprehensively as I can, so you could know if it might be useful]

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You are in Japan like me so it would be easy for us to do that.  I do want to get my 60mm boxer fan video out before I begin that 800k drive lubrication  video though.  So if you don't mind waiting a couple weeks we can take the subject up at that time.  I'd rather you not send me anything right now as I don't want you to wait and wait with me holding your drive all that time.  


In the meantime feel free to tell me any specific problems your drive has right now as that would help to diagnose the problem.  I could be a lubrication issue, but it could also be a broken part or even a bad head.

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Sure, I’m in no hurry. I have a SCSI2SD for it, and other projects to keep me busy.


Electronically, they seem to be fine or mostly fine. They can read and write floppies acceptably. The problem seems to be in the eject mechanism:



Manually ejecting takes quite a bit of force on both of them, and neither can be ejected from the Finder or with a mere paperclip. This seems like the sort of problem lubrication should solve.


Additionally, one (labeled “32”) seems to have an issue where it half-ejects. The disk can be removed from the drive while half-ejected, but then a new disk can’t be inserted because the mechanism is still lowered. A manual eject is needed to reset it. This could just be lubrication, or might be a deeper issue.

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