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Broken Powercd Repair

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So I recently acquired an Apple Powercd, but it only turned on and didn't spin or register the cd I put into it. So I decided to take it apart and see if something was wrong with the motor. After putting it back together the player still turns on, but now the cd laser won't move and the cd still won't spin.


Is there a place that I can send this to get it repaired? or am I in possession of the most expensive paper weight...

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First things first, you have the player and the base, correct? Some folks have assumed that they only needed the player section. There's a whole lot going on inside that base unit. What type of CD is giving you the error? Haven't tried mine with CD/RW, but it's unlikely to read and I don't know at which point the error would show up. The player may not even be registering/recognizing the presence of CD/R or CD/RW media?


edit: found it!


Testing for power on the DB25 connector on the base would be my first move.

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