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Apple Set Top Box

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8 hours ago, bibilit said:

Pretty nice, time to find a suitable Rom for it IIRC

Yeah this part might be annoying. Apparently the ROM-inator SIMM programmer is discontinued so I need to find another way to either write my own ROM or have someone do it for me... Thinking the LC 475 ROM is the one to do.


1 hour ago, Charadis said:

Cool, those have piqued my curiosity even as of late. Are they usable for anything than a showpiece? Congrats on acquiring one, too

The special developer units with a different ROM and a video card that fits in the expansion slot would be probably easier to experiment with. These ones just kind of expect a T1/E1 service with an Oracle server at the other end. I do have some ideas I want to try though.

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So I've already got this booting off the drive from my LC 475... There's no video so I dropped a copy of MacCheck in the startup folder and then used command-I to bring up the brief info box and took a screenshot. Pulled it off the drive after.




Since I can't actually see what I'm doing, it's tough trying to make this thing display good detailed hardware information...

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On a whim I ordered a gglabs 2mb ROM with a Quadra 840av ROM image... Unfortunately it does nothing. I was hoping it would be close enough to the AV hardware and give me TV output like on the AV Macs. Now I need to maybe figure out how to take my original STB ROM dump and add to it, then burn it to this SIMM.

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18 minutes ago, johnklos said:

If I remember correctly, AV machines require an FPU. Try swapping in a full m68040.

You got my hopes up there... Threw a full 040 in but no change. I'm probably going to be stuck with figuring out ROM disassembly.

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