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Of the top of my head.


Just recently acquired a 7200 and a 7500

Quadra 950

SE/30 (have parts to recap) … on hold for now

Macintosh Colour Classic with Mystic mod

Powerbook Titanium G4 (one Japanese keyboard and 3 American kids) 2 are dead for parts only. 

Powerbook G4 17 and 12 (x2) one busted for parts

3 Powerbook G3

Snow White iMac G3

iMac G3 333 (recently replaced logic board and totally restored plastics and internal metals)

Powerbook 2400 (x2) one with GLOD (argh)

Powerbook 140 (I think that's the model)

Various Newtons and an eMare, including Motorola Marco and Sharp Newton

There is more but I can't remember them all.

Lots of random parts


Oh yeah how could I forget 2 PowerMac G4s (first gen ones with blue plastics)

One Quicksilver

One Mirror Door


I have a tools to restore the plastics and will be retrobriting this summer.

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Every B&W Compact mac except the ED, the beige Plus the SE Superdrive.

The list's shorter that way... :p


Other than that, I have a slot loading 400Mhz iMac G3, an 1.25Ghz iMac G4, a Quad G5, my 2013 rMBP and a 2016 rMB.

Oh and I have a Powermac Quicksilver in the mail.


I agree with cc, there's way too much Apples in my bedroom. And those ones don't ripe.

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  • 68kMLA Supporter


SE, Classic, CC, SE/30(x5)


68k Desktops:

LC(x2), IIci, LC630 DOS, WGS95



7100, 9600, Cube, Sawtooth G4, MDD G4



520, 520c, 540, 540c, Wallstreet, Pismo, 12" G4


Now that I look at this list that's not too much, when I look at the storage shelf in the basement however... :evil:

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AIO: 128k, 512k, Plus (Radius 020 16mhz), Plus(Micromac 16mhz), SE, SE (Dos), SE/30, Color Classic(w/ 575 board), 575, 580, IMac Rev B (in box)


Desktops: LC, LCII, LCIII, P475, P476, Q605 IIFX (Radius Rocket), IICI (601 accelerator), IICX, IISI, IIVX(Q700 Logic) , Q700 (Q800 Logic/601 Card/Radius Rocket), 660AV, Q950, P640 Dos, Supermac S900 (G3 Card), 4400 (G3/L2) , 7600 (G4 800 mhz) G5 Quad.


Portables: Mac portable (Techknight card) , Ibook Clamshell 466, Titanium G4 1ghz


I think I might have a "problem"

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ah IIsi as well and the monochrome portrait and 13" monochrome or is it 12" I forget now. I desperately need to build a proper cabinet to house all my equipment. That's my next project because right now my gear is scattered across the floor and desks. Lots of love though that's for sure. 

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I guess I'll elaborate a bit. This list includes everything, new and old, 68k, PPC and Intel.


For modular desktops, I have:

  • Macintosh II
  • 2x Macintosh IIx (one is for parts)
  • Macintosh IIfx
  • Macintosh IIcx
  • Macintosh IIci
  • Macintosh IIvx
  • Macintosh IIsi
  • Qudara 700
  • Quadra 950
  • 2x Quadra 840av (one is for parts)
  • PowerMac 6100
  • PowerMac 7100
  • PowerMac 7200
  • PowerMac 7500
  • PowerMac 7600
  • PowerTower Pro 225
  • PowerBase 200 (currently broken)
  • Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh
  • PowerMac G3 (one of each: desktop and tower)
  • PowerMac G4 (Sawtooth, Quicksilverx2, MDD)
  • PowerMac G5 (2x 2.0 DP, 2x Quad)
  • 2x2008 Mac Pro
  • 2009 Mac Pro (upgraded to 2010 standards)


For Compacts:

  • 128k
  • 512k
  • 512ke
  • Beige Plus
  • Platinum Plus
  • SE
  • SE SuperDrive
  • SE with accelerator (can't remember details)
  • SE/30
  • Classic
  • Classic II
  • Color Classic


Full size AIOs:

  • Performa 578
  • Various iMacs (various G3s in all the original fruit colors, several G4s, one G5, and one Intel)
  • 2x G3 AIO (one works, other is for parts)



  • Mac Portable M5126
  • PowerBook 140, 170, 150, 190cs, 5300ce
  • Powerbook 520, 520c, 2x540c (one is for parts, other has a PPC upgrade).
  • 2x PowerBook G3 Wallstreet (one more or less works aside from bad hinges and flaky DC-in port, other is for parts)
  • Various PowerBook G4s (2xTitanium, 2x12", 2x15" AND 3x17" AlBooks)
  • Various iBooks (including every color of clamshell). No iBook G4s, though.
  • MacBooks (most are white 2007, one is a black 2006, another is a 2008)
  • MacBook Pros (2006 17", 2x2007 17", 2012 13": 2012 15", 2009 15" 2x2007 15")


And in addition to this:

  • *Many* PC desktops and laptops of various ages and states of disrepair, including a pair of IBM 5150s I just got
  • A bunch of Macs I'm probably forgetting about.


This is why I said too many :)



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8 hours ago, AgoraRoad said:

Here i have a Macintosh SE/30s that i found on the side of the road with a bunch of keyboards. Only one of them is working but i need to save up for a Floppy Emulator drive to really get this going!
Post what you got below!


That's where I found my SE/30!  On the side of the road, with an external hard drive. That started me in this hobby again.

I have:



Color Classic / Mystic 040



6100 w Sonnet G3

G4 Cube with Dual 500's / 15 Inch Studio Display


Powerbook G3 500 Pismo

Powerbook 520c and 540c

Powerbook G4 17 1 Ghz


Mac Mini G4 1.25

Mac Mini G4 1.42


Newton MP 120

LaserWriter IIg

StyleWriter 1200

CD 300e

Data Modem 2400


iPods: iPod Classic 2nd gen, iPod Minis, iPod Classic 5th gen, iPod Nano 3rd gen.

iPhones: 3G, 4S, 5S



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My desktops: IIgs ROM 01(with Vulcan 20MB hard drive), Mac Plus beige, Mac Plus platinum, SE, SE FDHD, SE/30 x2, IIsi, LC, LC II, Performa 410, Performa 6200CD, PowerMac G3 B&W, PowerMac G4 Sawtooth x2, PowerMac G4 Quicksilver, iMac G3 Bondi Blue Rev. B, iMac G3 Indigo, iMac G3 Graphite, iMac G3 snow, iMac G4 15" (USB 2.0), iMac Intel late 2006 17", Mac Pro 1,1 quad core.


My portables: Portable M5120, PB 170, PB 145B, PB 540C, PB 190cs, PB G3 Pismo, IBook G3 Key Lime SE 466 DVD, PowerBook G4 15" 1.25GHz, PowerBook G4 15" 1.5GHz, iBook G4 12" mid 2005, MacBook white late 2006, MacBook white mid 2009.


My Newtons: MessagePad 100


My main machine's: MacBook Pro late 2011 13", Mac Pro 1,1 Quad.


Copied and pasted from my “about me” page. :) 


I actually got a iMac 5,2 recently too, which I’m thinking about combining with my Late 2006 (which has a bad GPU), to make one, perfect iMac.

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Teeny tiny collection here :)


By order of acquisition... 

* PowerBook G3 PDQ

* PowerBook 3400c

* Twentieth Anniversary Mac

* Newton MsgPad 2100

* PowerBook 550c

* PowerBook 540c


Expecting to receive a TechStep soon. Cannabolized a PB 520, but the skeleton is still here. 


Keeping it small so I can still keep them out and enjoy them ;) (except the 3400c's. They're just doorstops. No one enjoys doorstops)

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Let's see...


 • 68000: SE

 • 68030: IIfx | SE/30 | Colour Classic

 • 68040: Performa 475 (with NewerTech Quaddoubler) | Quadra 950 | PowerBook 540c

 • 601: PM 8100 (with Sonnet Crescendo G3/400) | PM 8100 (broken)

 • 603: PM7200 (with Sonnet Crescendo G4/800)

 • G3: Beige G3 Tower | B&W G3

          PowerBook G3 (Wallstreet) | PowerBook G3 (Wallstreet — broken?) | PowerBook G3 (Pismo) | iBook G3 600MHz

 • G4: PM G4 (Gigabit Ethernet) | PM G4 (MDD) | PM G4 (MDD — broken) | PowerBook G4

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26 minutes ago, CC_333 said:

Oh, yeah!


I forgot that I also have 4 Mac Minis (3 Intels and a G4) and two Cubes (one is for parts).


I think I need to downsize!



That just reminded me of my Mac mini! I’ve got a mid 2007 one (I think that’s what it is anyways, I should check again) I found a few months back. I need to get a power supply for it and see if it works. So add that to my list too!

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Now this is a tough one to remember but roughly:


68k desktop:



Classic x a couple

Color Classic

LC520, 550, 575x2, 580, TV

LC, LCII x a few, LCIII

II, IIfx x2,IIsi, IIvx

Quadra 605, 700, 950, multiple quadra/centris 650s






73,75,7600 x a few


G3 desktop x a few, beige tower, multiple all-in-one

multiple b&w g3

imac G3s

imac g4

imac g5

multiple G5 tower



520, 520c, 540c


2400(with G3 upgrade)

3400 x a few

5300c, 5300cs, 5300ce

wallstreets, pdqs, Lombards, pismos, Ti, Al


i know that's not nearly everything, I'm officially a hoarder :/


and now editing because I forgot I have a bunch of G4 towers and minis hahaha


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17 minutes ago, Trash80toHP_Mini said:

+1 :approve:

I would like to sell my Lisa2/XL and the HyperDrive 512Ke but I do not want to ship either of them, I don't think they'd survive.

Probably sell the Portables too after I get them running again, also reluctant to ship.

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I've got a small collection compared with what I used to have, but it's all in good working shape.



SE (4mb, fully recapped the machine)

2x 7500 powermacs (both sonnet G3)

Pismo 500

Pink g3 crt imac

White G4 emac 17" crt


I wouldn't mind a couple more 68k macs especially an older powerbook. 



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