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I purchased this board and if all goes well, I will have it on hand to analyze with more precision but in the meantime I am asking you what your take is on two details.


1) The jumper wire spanning 3 chips, what might account for this jumper?

2) A blotched area on the board? [UD8] NOTE: in one of the images I marked the questionable area in read inside the yellow frame.

3) Does Q3 look ok? What is that component and is it there or missing?


What I do know, the caps were leaking but on request the board was cleaned up so that while it ships, if it continues to leak it will not arrive in as bad a shape. Other than this I have no other history that I can offer.


I look forward to your interpretations of what is documented in the pics. Thanks!


Kind regards








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4 hours ago, PB145B said:

+1 That wire is 100% factory original.

I had no idea that Apple patched up this way. Good to know.


I am still waiting for the board to ship to me. What I am happy about, though it doesn't matter in practice really is the removable CPU.


Again, the caps were leaking … oh I should mention that this board came from Macintosh Rescue of Denver and I was working with Tammy who was extraordinarily helpful in everyday. I am delighted to have worked with MRofD and I am hoping that this board will work. This will leave me with a spare SE30 board which is not in great shape, hence this board purchase.


I posted pics of the old board in another post if you are interested. I suppose I will be parting with the spare board if the board on the way works after a cap replacement.

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20 hours ago, techknight said:

Nice website. Some of his prices are great, some, not so much. Appears alot of the desirable stuff is already sold out, or doesnt exist. As I figured. 

You are right about a lot being sold out but a lot is available. Interestingly, the SE/30 board that he sending me was not advertised. I simply emailed him asking so he surely has items that are not listed. 

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21 hours ago, CharlieFrown said:

hey Alex

let me know if you want to swap an extra mobo for something else retro one day. Really like that MRoD store, thanks for mentioning it.



The other SE/30 board I have is in poor shape but more importantly, I am speaking to another member here, through private messaging, on the first board so I have to give him a chance first to decide if he wants it or not. PM me so that I remember your interest. If he is ultimately uninterested I will have you in mind.

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